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If you are tired of empty promises, chasing the newest rock star guru and coming home from seminars and/or coaching meetings on "information overload," then this report is for you...

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There are hundreds of bands in music history who had one huge blockbuster hit song that soared to number one on the music charts. But, once that song faded the band faded too. They were never able to translate that success into a long term business.

Few people are willing to talk about it, but there's a similar problem within the info-marketing world. Now, in direct opposition to all of the advice I've received from info-marketing experts, I'm going to talk about it. To start the conversation, I have a warning and a free report for you.

There's a big difference between creating a top-selling information product and creating an information marketing business…

Too many people confuse marketing campaigns or product building with business building. They chase the next product launch secret, even higher priced coaching program or a list building tactic but miss out on what it takes to build a business that lasts. It takes different skills to create a long-term sustainable business.

Revealed for the first time, the process that separates the long-term winners from the one-hit wonders…

Over the last 4 years as President of the Information Marketing Association I’ve coached, interviewed and masterminded with several hundred info-marketers. I'm sad to tell you, while many are still thriving several of them aren't in business today.

And, I'm not talking about the people who never did anything. I'm talking about people who achieved recognized success, they had been so successful themselves they were talked about on stage by gurus and many even gave presentations or held their own seminars to share their success.

So, what separates the info-marketing businesses that last versus the ones who don't? That's a controversial question. In fact, one that I've suffered a lot of criticism for asking.

"How dare you, you are the Information Marketing Association, you are supposed to be about promoting info-marketing not tearing it down." Or, "Buyers don’t want this, it sounds too complicated. They only want 'quick dollars.' Business building doesn't sell." Or, "The IMA is supported by gurus bringing new people into the info-marketing world, how dare you criticize the people who are bringing you your customers."

This report isn't about criticizing anyone nor is it about preventing anyone from buying products that help them.

Instead, this is about giving you the REAL inside information that will help you build a business that lasts. Ultimately you'll buy more because you'll have a better long term business. But, you won't buy it out of fear that you'll miss out on secrets or from hope that it'll be the life preserver you need to save yourself. Instead, you'll be acquiring insights to make your info-marketing machine run better so it can produce more cash for you.

“What a great piece... love the illustrations. Thanks for sharing.”
- Dan Safkow

“It’s brilliant... cuts through so much of the BS ”get lot of sale NOW” that I get most days. I found the back end sales chart helpful... always easier to “Get It” with a chart.”
- Tom Poland

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