Information Marketing Association Information Marketing Association Fri, 29 Jul 2016 07:50:13 GMT Dan Kennedy's June 2016 No B.S. Information Marketing Special Report <div class="assets"> <div class="facebook-like"> <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="height: 24px; width: 100%; margin-bottom:1.5em" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> </div> <h3>Resources</h3> <ol> <li> <a class="" href="/community/news-and-updates/download/L2ZpbGVzL2FjY291bnRzL2ltYS9hc3NldHMvZmlsZXMvZGFuLWtlbm5lZHktaW5mby1sZXR0ZXIvRGFuLUtlbm5lZHlzLUp1bmUtMjAxNi1Oby1CLlMuLUluZm9ybWF0aW9uLU1hcmtldGluZy1TcGVjaWFsLVJlcG9ydC1hcy1hLXBkZi1maWxlLnBkZg%3D%3D" title="Dan-Kennedys-June-2016-No-B.S.-Information-Marketing-Special-Report-as-a-pdf-file.pdf">Dan-Kennedys-June-2016-No-B.S.-Information-Marketing-Special-Report-as-a-pdf-file.pdf</a> </li> </ol> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>Dan Kennedy's June Information Marketing Special Report was jammed packed with resources to help you build your information marketing business.  </p> <p>Here is a quick summary of the topics included:</p> <ul> <li>Getting people to physical events, away from home, at hotels and conference centers, into classrooms and exhibit halls and communal and fraternal experiences is essential </li> <li>Three gold magnets, to draw &lsquo;em in, even if, basically, they don&rsquo;t want to come </li> <li>The essential parts of every movie blockbuster that you must apply to your events BEFORE you launch your marketing </li> <li>WARNING: The natural temptation you must fear and fight against</li> <li>Dan Kennedy&rsquo;s dictum about events, miss this to your great detriment.</li> </ul> <p>As a member of the Information Marketing Association you are welcome to download the attached PDF file.  This page is active through August 31, 2016.</p> </div> Fri, 01 Jul 2016 19:17:12 GMT Essentials of Boosting Member Retention and Generating Member Referrals <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-63660"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1606-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>Information marketers don&rsquo;t get many referrals from their members. While part of this is inherent in the business; mostly that&rsquo;s an excuse. Info-marketers don&rsquo;t get referrals because few info-marketers create a system for equipping members to make referrals and making growing the membership a community value. This program focuses on how info-marketers can grow their business using referrals and how to retain members for further faster growth.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Fri, 01 Jul 2016 19:11:47 GMT April 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-63372"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQUFwcmlsMjAxNkp1bXBTdGFydC5tcDM%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. I'm Robert Skrob and I'm so happy to be here. This is my favorite call of the month. Glad that you are joining me and I look forward to working with you on your business. This is your call where I answer your questions and help you with your business, so feel free to jump in and ask a question. That's what this is all about, the kind of the format of this. Just hit *1, or is it *0 Carrie? I think it's *0 on your phone, and I forgot Carrie, I do this every month and have for years, but I know it changed like two years ago, I think it's *1. Anyway, hit *1 on your phone. That's what it is, so *1 and that gets you into the queue to ask your question.  Our operator Carrie will take your name and information and that helps get you started. </p> <p>So what we do each month is we have these calls in order to answer member questions. Sometimes our calls wrap up after 10 or 15 or 20 minutes, other times we go until, you know, we've had an hour and 45 minutes or even two hour Jump Start call marathons before. It all depends on you and what's on your mind and what we can help you with in your business. So just hit *1 on your phone and that gets you into the queue to ask a question. </p> <p>So I just came off of the Boston Marathon just a few weeks ago and that was pretty darned amazing. There's half a million spectators that are along the course. The course, it's 26 miles long, and you start about 24 miles away from Boston and run from one point to another and you start in this little town called Hopkinton and then you are running through all these little towns some of which are almost as old as Boston itself, and the specific tribe of the town is based on being able to play your music louder and scream more intensely than the other towns along the Boston Marathon route. And so as a runner you're caught up in this concept to cheer you on more affirmatively as you go and it's just an unbelievable magical experience. There are thousands of people in every town holding up signs, banners, cheering you on, giving you things, oranges and fruit and wet towels and sponges to wipe off with and it's just an amazing experience. And then the last turn for the finish is as good as it could be it gets even better because about a half a mile to the finish line and you can see it out in the distance, and there on either side of the course people are lined up ten deep screaming, ringing cow bells cheering you on and it was an experience that I simultaneously wanted to be done and at the finish line as soon as possible and I also never wanted it to end and have that moment last forever. So it was a truly remarkable opportunity and I certainly would hope for any of you that are interested in running marathons to be able to have that opportunity for yourself because it was truly, truly amazing experience. </p> <p>So with that, I certainly am open to taking your call. That's what this program is all about is answering your questions and helping you with your business. Just hit *1 on your phone to ask any questions and sometimes we have a lot of questions, other times we don't have as many, so it just depends on you to determine how long our call lasts. </p> <p>One of the things that I've been really focused on is around membership programs and I had an interesting question from a client yesterday, he asked me about welcoming calls. So once you have a program how to welcome your members to the program in a way that builds engagement and he had more people dropping out than he was comfortable with so he wanted to really see if there was another way to build connection and that's why we kind of outline these calls. So what we did is there are kind of three core questions that you want to figure out when you're designing these calls, the first is when you're going to make the call, the next is who is going to make the call, and then third what the call is going to be about. </p> <p>So the first is when and I recommend that you make these calls between 3 and 10 days of membership, so that allows the initial excitement and confusion to kind of subside. You've gotten beyond the how do I log in type things and you're now able to have a little more meaningful conversation. If you want to have a customer service person make a quick call to check their information and shipping address within the first 48 hours that's fine, but for a real member onboarding call you'd wait between 3 and 10 days. </p> <p>The next is who you're going to have make these calls, and I would suggest that you use somebody with primarily a stale type mindset. This is really not a customer service call this really is a sales opportunity in order to one, get them engagement and into your membership, two, recommend any product, services, get them registered into any conferences, and three, work to ascend them to any of your other memberships that you may have available, move them up to a higher level of membership. So this is absolutely a sales opportunity and you want to make sure you've got the proper member of your team engaged and ready to make this call. </p> <p>So what's the outline of the call? I recommend that you use a sales format and the system we built for this client was based on Neil Rackham's book called <em>Spin Selling</em>. You may have heard of the book, it's probably 30 years old, something like that, so it's not a new concept it's just one that works and works over and over again. So the first thing you want to ask, so the salesperson gets on the phone and starts asking situational type questions. &quot;So tell me, what's going on -- hey, why don't you tell me what's going on in your life, and what are your top goals that you're working towards,&quot; or, &quot;What are the top projects that you're working on?&quot; Something like that just to get the conversation started and for them to give you a situation analysis of their life and their business. </p> <p>You may want to ask some follow-up questions and really make sure that you have a thorough understanding of what's going on in their business and their life and make sure that you're really kind of focused on what it is. </p> <p>Next, ask them about problems they have. &quot;So you told me that this is going on. What are your top key problems or frustrations that you are encountering here?&quot; And then let them go through those problems and you're going, &quot;Oh, okay. Wow. Interesting. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Ooh, that sounds tough.&quot; And you are really just trying to get a real thorough, again a thorough understanding of the problems and challenges that they're facing within their business so that you can understand and know where you need to send them. </p> <p>Next, fourth, after a problem is the implications. So if you don't fix this problem then what's going to happen as a result of that, and so you want them to tell you what it's going to cost if they don't fix this problem. So, &quot;If you continue having this problem in your business or in your life, what's that going to lead to, what's going to happen as a result?&quot; So this way they can tell you that, &quot;Oh wow, yeah, if I don't fix this then I'm never going to get this straight or my wife is going to hate me, or this is going to cost my business money.&quot; &quot;Oh, it's going to cost your business money? Well, how much?&quot; And really work to get a thorough understanding of the implications of the problem not just what the problems are, but also the implications. </p> <p>And next finally, the needs analysis. So, &quot;Why is it that you joined our program? What was it about it that you thought would be helpful for your problems?&quot; And then this way they are telling you why your membership is right for them. And it's a terrific kind of reselling of them on your key benefits as well as getting information now that you can prescribe to them other products and services, any conferences that you would have that would be of benefit to your members, and any other levels of membership that would be helpful and important for your members to participate in. So that was just a little template that we created based on his needs for his program to help onboard his members. And happy to help you with your business questions and business needs. Just hit *1 to ask a question and if we don't get any questions then I'll probably just wrap up here in just a few minutes. If you haven't gotten your question asked to day no worries because another Jump Start call is coming around just right around the corner on May 24th. And on May 24th we can get into your questions and answers. This is primarily focused on Q&amp;A so we take calls as long as we have them and happy to help you in your business on May 24th. </p> <p>So I guess with that I'm hearing no other questions or anything from any of you. I appreciate you joining me and certainly I know it's always interesting to jump in and see what's going on and what folks have on questions. And it does sound like we do have a last minute question that has come through, and in the meantime if you have a question, we normally need one to get it started, and it kind of grows from there, so if you have a question after this one just hit *1 and we'll get your question. In the meantime, we have Felix in the Netherlands. Welcome Felix, it's probably pretty late in the evening there. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Well, it's okay. It's still 9:00, 9:00 p.m. so that&rsquo;s still not that late. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Awesome. Well welcome glad you're here. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Thank you. Well, I'm glad I'm here too. I've listened to quite some Jump Start Coaching calls from you so I'm excited to be here live. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Well, I'm excited too. How can I help you?</p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Well, actually I wanted to get some feedback from you. I'm really green on this marketing thing. I've only been, well the IMA I've been this is my first month and I've been a Gold member from the GKIC newsletter since August. Well, I also was reading lots of books by Dan Kennedy and I am basically starting from scratch so I wanted to see, yeah, if I can get some feedback on my plan to build some foundation. Basically, my plan is to -- I got this tip for (inaudible 00:14:49) from Dan Kennedy is to copy a hundred good sales letters by hand so I started at that this year and it's taking me a little bit longer than I expected, but -- </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> They're a little longer than you had anticipated aren't they? </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Yes, yes, they take a while to complete. Next to that I'm also in the process of following a sales course by Tom Hopkins and well, basically when I complete these two steps I just want to get into finishing a book. I already have quite some material written down already, but basically my plan is to use that as, well as fodder for all kinds of articles, newsletters, you know, just repurpose it for all kinds of things later on. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Nice. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Yeah. Well, yeah, well (inaudible 00:15:58). It's good at first to start from scratch. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Sure. So where did you get the sales letters that you are using to create the copies with? </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Well, I started out well, I have <em>Magnetic Marketing</em>, there's a lot of sales letters in there. I copied by hand and also whenever I encounter a sales letter like from GKIC for example, which is really compelling I save it on my computer and -- well, I keep it in a file on my computer like, you know, they call it the swipe file or something. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So let me make a suggestion because it was actually, so Dan got that suggestion from Gary Halbert. It was originally a copywriter named Gary Halbert that used to teach that and I recommend, there's a number of Gary Halbert sales letters that you could use and I'd be happy to send you them. So all you need to do is reply to any email that you've received from me and ask for, &quot;Hey, can I have the Gary Halbert swipe file?&quot; and I'll send you, you know, half a dozen or so of those sales letters which are really excellent for that explicit purpose. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Wow, that's very generous of you. I really appreciate that. Thanks. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And I've used those myself and with a lot of clients over the years in that type of exercise and have really appreciated the results that folks have been able to achieve. So I'd be very excited to hear how it works out with you. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Okay. Great. That's, well I'm glad to hear that it's a good approach. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yes, absolutely. You know, like with the marathon nobody would expect to start running one day and run a marathon the next. And I think it's important that you be real kind to yourself if it takes a few weeks or months to create ideas or to come up with exactly what you want to do. Certainly consider attending an Info Summit or an event that could get you some more ideas and put you in contact with the right people. But be kind to yourself. Myself I was running for six years before I ran the Boston Marathon and most folks say that that's a very, very short time for that. So for you if it takes you a couple of months to find the right idea of studying and thinking and writing then give yourself that time and space because it certainly is you're learning in the meantime. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Yeah. Well, that's very reassuring to hear your Boston Marathon story to compare it to myself. Yeah. No, it's well that sounds very logical. Also like with fitness for example. Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And so that's what you're doing really is you're really developing new skills so just like fitness or just like learning to play tennis or learning to swim these are skills that certainly you can learn. You know, anybody can learn to play tennis with some sort of proficiency or golf or anything, but there is a learning curve and so it takes some time to learn the skill and practice it and then to do it, so that's certainly how this works. So give yourself some space and do what you're doing with your copying out the sales letters and keep your eyes opened for opportunities that, I think in particular being able to see things that are being done in the US and maybe translate them over into the Netherlands is a terrific opportunity because there could be plenty of things you could import that, or ideas that you could import that you could be operating in a real environment with very few competitors. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Oh yes, yes, probably yeah, most likely. Well, that's a great answer actually. Well, maybe I can -- I also hear a lot about -- I often hear it repeated in this GKIC world that you should do marketing before you create a product, but is that also, well how about writing a book and then doing marketing and then creating a product? Is that a sound approach as well? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yes, certainly, however, like for instance, and I've worked with quite a few clients, I mean certainly writing a book is a very valuable tool and it's a great marketing piece that will help you grow a business. So by all means if you have everything that you need to create a great book then go after it. Also, what you may find with a lot of folks is that they can build a business by getting customers now or getting customers more quickly and saving the book for later. That way they speed up getting the money by selling a product or service now and then they can write the book down the road and often they find that the book is even better because they've learned more and they've got more case studies and examples that they can use. So it's certainly up to you, if you've got what you need to create a book by all means do it, or if you feel like it'd be faster for you to do it without a book by all means let's start making money and growing a business before you have your book done. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Okay. Yeah, the reason I basically why I asked that is because aren't you at risk for becoming a commodity if you don't have a book? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> You certainly are able to better differentiate yourself if you have a book and books are excellent at that, but at the same time let's make money. I would not put off making money now until you have a book. So you may as well start selling and generating customer and delivering results sooner and then get the book and implement it and use it as a marketing tool when it's ready. But by all means I would start now and improve as you proceed forward. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Okay. No, that's great feedback. I think that's all I have to ask of you today. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Well all good. Well Felix, it's been a real pleasure speaking with you and I wish you the best good night and I appreciate you spending your evening with me. </p> <p><strong>Felix:</strong> Thank you. I appreciate your comments and it was a real pleasure. And enjoy your afternoon. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Thank you. All right. Well, with that we are going to wrap up today's Jump Start Coaching call. Thank you so much Felix for calling in. I appreciate everybody who called in to listen in and participate that way. And with that I'll talk with you next month May 24th on your Jump Start Coaching call. </p> </div> Thu, 02 Jun 2016 17:38:10 GMT Dan Kennedy's May 2016 No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter <div class="assets"> <div class="facebook-like"> <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="height: 24px; width: 100%; margin-bottom:1.5em" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> </div> <h3>Resources</h3> <ol> <li> <a class="" href="/community/news-and-updates/download/L2ZpbGVzL2FjY291bnRzL2ltYS9hc3NldHMvZmlsZXMvZGFuLWtlbm5lZHktaW5mby1sZXR0ZXIvZGFuLWtlbm5lZHlzLW1heS0yMDE2LW5vLWIucy4tSU5GTy1NYXJrZXRpbmctTGV0dGVyLWFzLWEtUERGLWZpbGUucGRm" title="dan-kennedys-may-2016-no-b.s.-INFO-Marketing-Letter-as-a-PDF-file.pdf">dan-kennedys-may-2016-no-b.s.-INFO-Marketing-Letter-as-a-PDF-file.pdf</a> </li> </ol> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> Dan Kennedy&#39;s May No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter was jammed packed with resources to help you build your information marketing business. &nbsp;</p> <p>Here is a quick summary of the topics included:</p> <ul> <li>The four things people really want from you as a leader</li> <li>How to survive and thrive in a field where information is a democratized commodity</li> <li>Subsculture and special interest info-marketing opportunities</li> <li>The magic ingredient that makes the info-marketing business work</li> <li>The results of a well implemented &ldquo;content marketing&rdquo; marketing test.</li> </ul> <p>As a member of the Information Marketing Association you are welcome to download the attached PDF file.  This page is active through July 31, 2016.</p> </div> Thu, 02 Jun 2016 16:41:58 GMT How to Seize the Membership Economy to 5X Your Company <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-63356"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1605-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>Just a few years ago we rented movies when were ready to watch them, today 6.74 million subscribers pay monthly to access movies on Netflix. When info-marketers introduced monthly continuity it was a novel concept. Today memberships are widely promoted and customers are a lot more open to maintaining multiple monthly subscriptions. This program looks at the trend towards membership programs, reveals insider secrets of some of the world&rsquo;s largest programs and how you can make your business five times more valuable by seizing the membership opportunity. </p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Thu, 02 Jun 2016 16:37:01 GMT March 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-63058"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQU1hcmNoMjAxNkp1bXBTdGFydC5tcDM%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. This is Robert Skrob, and this call is all about you and for you, answering your questions. When you're ready to get into the queue to ask a question just hit *1 on your phone, that gets you into the queue. And I'll take your questions in the order they're received. I certainly look forward to the opportunity to help you in your business. Very often these calls can go for an hour or more, geez they've gone for a couple of hours sometimes, other times we wrap up in 20 minutes or less. It just depends on you and how many questions you have and what we can do for you in your business. So just hit *1 on your phone and that gets you into the queue and then that way you can ask a question when you're ready. </p> <p>One of the things I've been really helping folks focus on is the transformation that their product and their program creates for their new member. Very often I see a member marketer and they create a list of benefits that they're going to deliver on a monthly basis. And then what they do when they sell that is they promote that list of benefits, I'll give you this newsletter and I'll give you this audio and we'll have this conversation and then we'll do this, and all that's fine and good but that doesn't tell the member or the prospective customer what sort of transformation they should expect as a result of having that relationship with you. For instance, what I'm looking for here, my goal when I come on this call, is to help give you clarity over your best business direction and to help you identify what your very best next step is in your business. </p> <p>So when you come on a Jump Start Call, you can come with questions, you can come with vague ideas and my goal during our time together is to help you clarify exactly the steps that you want to take over the next month in order to move your business and grow something that in a month may not be impressive, but in five years could be a multi-million dollar business like my friend and client Sean Greeley, I had a call with him last week, his coaching business is Net Profit Explosion, it's on the Inc. 500 list and he has a coaching business that's in the UK, North America and in Australia. I met with his leadership team, it used to be just Sean and I would meet, and now he brought his leadership coaches from UK over and from Australia and his coaches from throughout North America into his offices in Orlando, and we met for the day to talk about how they're working with their fitness businesses, fitness members in order to get better results and how to onboard more coaches, and also the next level of their ascension within their business. So it's kind of fun to see these grow up. </p> <p>And I can tell you I remember talking to Sean, it was in I think probably 2010 and it was he had this -- maybe it was 2009, November 2009 he came up to me at an Info Summit and we talked and he was selling a few little products online and we talked about what he was doing and so it's amazing to see, but really it doesn't take that long and he's now -- it's public information because he's on the Inc. 500 list, so he's over $7 million in revenue on an annual basis and you could be too. So I'd love to work with you and help give you that clarity today. If you have a question, just hit *1 on your phone to get yourself into the queue. In the meantime, we'll take our first question from David in Charlotte. Welcome David, great to chat with you again. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Robert, good to hear from you. So I have two pretty quick questions here. One is I'm struggling with sending out this CD thing, so let me tell you where I am. I'm redoing my welcome kit and I redid my newsletter so I think it's a good letter I got a lot of input from Sean Buck over at Newsletter Pro on my letter. But I'm noticing that a lot of the cars today don't even have players in them anymore they really just have USB ports, so if the welcome kit really is good and the newsletter really is good how valuable do you think it is to still send out a hard copy CD if you send them an email that has an mp3 download link or someway to get it into their phone that's easy? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> I think I would do both because for a lot of your potential customers it's not easy to get the audio onto their phones. So like even my daughter, who's 20 years old and is on Snapchat, yes, she gets music on her phone through iTunes, but the whole thing of like getting something that's not from the iTunes Store somehow onto her phone she couldn't conceive of how to make that happen. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And doesn't really even want to. So like she'll Snapchat a storm, you know, she can use the user interfaces, but like there isn't a clear path of how to get audio on your phone you've got to know what you're doing a little bit, but once you do it it's not that hard but still I think a CD is still more convenient for a lot of your potential customers. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Okay, well that answered that. And the other quick question here was in talking to Sean Buck and redoing my newsletter, he recommends that when people drop out of your program that you continue to send your newsletter for several months even up to 12 months to try to get them to come back and I'm just wondering what you think the value is of continuing to do that once someone has actually made a decision to drop out? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> It depends. For somebody that has a high transaction value with a client that maybe you're going to sell them consulting services that could be $100,000 or $50,000, well then you'd probably send them the newsletter for free anyway in order to have a lead for your consulting services. But if your main goal is membership then you'd probably want to maybe have something else that you send them on an ongoing basis or nurture them through some sort of drift campaign, maybe there's an article that comes out or something that's made specifically for them because you really actually want them to be disconnected from the community but yet then have something that says, &quot;Hey, there's some cool things going on,&quot; kind of like, &quot;Hey, the water is great here in the pool. Why don't you jump on in?&quot; versus trying to immerse them in giving them something that they've already said no to. But I think it needs to flip more into a marketing piece as part of the ongoing drift versus what would ordinarily be a fulfillment community building piece at that point. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Okay, good. Yeah, that gives me some ideas. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And I love Sean. He's a great friend and if I were in the business of printing and mailing newsletters I'd probably tell you to continue sending them too. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> For five years. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> But yes. And it certainly doesn't hurt. And again, if you had a high value consulting offer where you only need one and that pays for all your newsletter budget for the entire year, because actually for my consulting services I'll find, you know I hunt and peck leads and when I see one I put them on my newsletter list. And every now and then, like today actually I have a call with one of those and it turns into a client. So Sean has, and he has most of his clients are actually using the newsletters more for that than they are for what you're doing which is fulfillment and building a community out of it. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Right. All right. Good. Yeah, no, that's great. In fact, I just had a thought here that it would be pretty easy for me to build a set of marketing materials by month, you know, 12 different sets, real simple, some duplication and just have my people that send my mailed newsletter out, once they get off the program stop the newsletter and whatever month it is they get that package which might be an advertisement for something or a series of advertisements or a sales letter or something and just send it out every month for the rest of the year. That'd be easy to do. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And there's two different ways, you can do them in sequence so that each month they get number one and then you've got eight people get number one and four people get number two, and twelve people get number three. Or just do it by the month so there's a January packet and so everybody that cancelled in the last 12 months gets the same thing in January, and everybody that cancels in the last 12 months gets the same thing in February. What I like about that is it's a lot simpler. But 10 years ago I would have had 12 different things and 12 different fulfillments and people would be busy here sending out all kinds of packages all kinds of times. What I like about doing the other is that it allows me to be very seasonal about it and there can be reasons why, you know, because it's Thanksgiving and we've got January coming up that you want to get in now and I could make the offers very specific to the time of year and nurture them that way. That was an ongoing project so that each month I would have three or four hours blocked off of okay, what's my drift campaign for my past members going to be this month and sometimes it fell in my lap because I would have a piece of content and I could promote it. One of my favorite promotions is gift with purchase and get this free and it's free when you join and you rejoin. Members are already benefiting from this. You can get this for free if you join. And a lot of times if I have a special call or a special piece of content or a special thing, an event that gave a deadline, because if you're going to reveal something amazing on April 10th then it lends a natural deadline of okay, I've got to respond. And we'd have people calling in on the 9th going, &quot;I paid and I really want access. I don't want to be left out. Please give it to me.&quot; And so, &quot;Oh, no worries. You're a member. We've got you. You're on the list. Don't worry about it.&quot; So that's generally how I did it is I set aside time each month to do that nurture campaign and I made it time sensitive based on what was happening and what sort of benefits I was rolling out at that time. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Yeah. That's good. Well, good. That makes me feel better. I was hesitant to have someone pay for my newsletter and then get it for free for some period. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah, doesn't that kind of send the wrong message? </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Well I think it does, but yeah, the marketing -- </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> If I stop paying the electricity and then they just leave it on for free it's like, &quot;Well, why was I paying for it for 20 years?&quot; Well David, it's great to connect with you again and let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> All right. Very good, well thank you. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Well, David was the only one to hit *1, so all of you that are sitting on the fence right now if you would like to jump in all you've got to do is hit *1 if you do like to participate, just kind of watch you certainly are welcome to, and what we'll do is your next Jump Start Coaching Call is actually going to be on April 26th at 3:00 Eastern, Noon Pacific, and your upcoming Best Practices in Information Marketing Call is going to be on April 12th. It's a really pretty cool call we have coming up. It's all about sales and one of the things that I have seen in information marketers that I have worked with is that when you add a telephone sales component that the business really starts to grow. So I mentioned Sean Greeley at the top of the call, really one of the big transformational things within his business was rather than relying only on letters and emails and landing pages and email follow up sequences, he added to that a telephone system and all of the hassles, yes it's a nightmare. He's got a director of sales and he's got a bunch of telemarketers and folks that are handling the leads and following up and talking with them and writing scripts, so it does create an overhead, but it grew the business to more than $7 million a year. So what we're going to talk about is really all about that sales component and how to build that out in your business. </p> <p>So the last call, hit *1 if you'd like to join, otherwise we'll go ahead and wrap up for today because, and again where we started is the big transformation is what you want to be talking about within your marketing, within your customer bases, not just what your program is but how it's going to transform the life of your member, help give them clarity, help give them focus, help give them the tools and resources they need to success, and focus on the outcomes they want versus what your program really is because they don't really care exactly what it is, it's like, &quot;Oh geez, I would have joined if you had given me a free call every month but because it's only a newsletter I'm not going to join.&quot; They never have that kind of thought. It's, &quot;Okay, will this really do what it says? Will I really get this outcome? Is this for me? Is this something I can do? Is this something that really works?&quot; Those are the things they're thinking about and those are the things you want to address more than, &quot;Okay, this is what you're going to get.&quot; </p> <p>So with that we'll go ahead and wrap up today's call. Thanks David for your question. Appreciate everybody that joined me today and I hope you have a great month of March, the last couple of days, and a terrific April. And if you need anything in the meantime please reply to any of the messages you receive from me and I'll be happy to help you as much as we can. So thanks a lot and I'll talk with you soon. </p> </div> Wed, 04 May 2016 02:19:34 GMT The Multi-Million Dollar Info-Marketing Secret, Telemarketing <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-63042"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1604-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> In the beginning, information marketing was all about generating leads for sales people to save your best sales guy from having to waste time cold prospecting. This foundation has been lost by many among all the fancy talk of landing pages, social media and big money coaching programs. Yet, the largest, fastest growing information marketing businesses all use telemarketing. This program dives into the sales function and reveals the critical components of making a sale over the phone to complement your online marketing efforts.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Wed, 04 May 2016 02:09:39 GMT February 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62773"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQUZlYnJ1YXJ5MjAxNkp1bXBTdGFydC5tcDM%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. I'm Robert Skrob and I am reporting proof that having a flu shot does not guarantee that you will not get the flu. I have been diagnosed with the flu now and I've got my first Tamiflu dose so if I cough in your ear or sneeze or sound groggy or cranky or any of those things please excuse that. I wanted to make sure that I was here at the appointment time to take your questions. And so if you'd like me to answer your question to help you jumpstart your business and help you with anything you have please hit *1 on your phone. This call is our monthly Jump Start Coaching Call through the Information Marketing Association and frankly it's my favorite call of the month because I get to help members like you move their business forward and answer questions. A lot of times we can really break through obstacles and make sure that you've got the vendors and the support and clarity and what you need in order to grow your business quickly and strong. So just hit *1 on your phone and that gets you into the queue to ask your question. And we'll just take questions in the order that they are received. </p> <p>In terms of this call, sometimes the calls go an hour or longer and other times we wrap up in 20 minutes. It just depends on how many calls we have and what sort of questions we get. So with that you can get into the queue simply by hitting *1 on your phone and we will take our next question which comes from Dave. Welcome Dave. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Hey Robert, it's Dave in Charlotte, North Carolina. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Excellent. Glad to speak to you. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Just to catch up here. I have a couple of questions. One of the struggles here, I went through the class with you and we worked on my letter, my welcome letter. So looking out at over the past 12 months I've added people and I've lost people in the Insider Circle group, you know, my baseline program, and I'm still running at like 50. So for 12 months I've been adding people but I'm losing at the same rate. I'm still even. And so I'm wondering what other things would you recommend that I start to really look at to make this program, you know, without adding a bunch of stuff, what would be highlights that you think, you know, you probably really need to focus on these four or five things to get somewhere. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So what you're talking about is member retention and making sure that the members feel like they're getting so much value that they couldn't possibly consider dropping out of your program. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. I'm starting wonder if it's any or is the market I'm going after just doesn't like this kind of program. Tell me if that's wrong thinking and that just a tweak of the program that would save it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Now the way you are selling it where somebody else is paying for it and then they pick up and then you're kind of looking for the member to stick with it is a particularly challenging onboarding model. Kind of what I've seen is when someone else is paying for it they often don't engage in the same way as if they come out of pocket and pay for it. But the upside of your model as you know is that it's nowhere near as expensive for the participant to get started and you can actually scale up a lot faster and expose your program to a lot more people faster than you would if you were trying to sell it onesie, twosie. So the thinking is that you do have a little higher of a bar in order to get somebody who hasn't paid for this to really care about it and want to engage. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And so your first part of the program you want to really sell this. So no matter who you are and what sort of membership program you have when somebody joins one of the first things you need to do is really resell them on the dream because it's a lot easier to buy a diet program than it is to do a diet program. But if I have like a goal I want to look great in my skinny jeans, and I want to really show up in this great dress and look good, then I will be a lot more motivated to go ahead and do that diet. And the successful diet programs what they start with, really one of the first things they start talking about is resell them on why they wanted to do this diet and keep those goals in front of them. So really one of the first things you want to do when somebody joins this program is g4et them to express why this thing is beneficial to them and what it can really do for them so that you can help them really want to engage and embrace this program and make it personal to people who are doing it not just doing the program because it's free. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Does that make sense? </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. Okay. So I'm sending the letter so what would you do in addition maybe to make that happen tactically? Would there be something else that you would maybe I'm trying to -- well, I'm already on the phone with them because I'm doing the coaching call as part of the class, if you remember they go through the class first, and then I enroll them into the Insider Circle. So I'm already coaching with them on the phone. What would you recommend I either send them, give them, talk to them about or use that coaching call somehow different to make that connection? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So as part of that coaching call, and even part of the class, I would work to make part of that coaching call raising the stakes for participating in this program. So within that coaching call I would include some conversation about, you know, if you are able to implement this program successfully what does it mean for you, your income or your life or what are you looking for, you know, really paint that before and after picture with them so that they're going, &quot;Wow, I can really see how important this is. Thank you. Oh my gosh, this is going to be a real lifesaver.&quot; Does that make sense?</p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And the way you do that, there's a book called <em>Spin Selling</em>. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And what you'll find when you read the book <em>Spin Selling</em> is that S-P-I-N each stand for a different word, but essentially what the process is is so Dave, we're talking today about retention in your membership program,&quot; I'd ask, &quot;How many new members do you get in a month? Well, great. If we're able to just get -- you know, how many of them are you losing in a month? Okay. Well, if we're able to get 10% more to stick how much more money do you get per month because 10% stick?&quot; So I'd get you to calculate that and I'd work with you through that calculation. &quot;Then great. Well, that's not just this month. You get to do that every month, so that actually grows. So in 12 months if you're able to keep 10% more each month how much money is that at the end of 12 months?&quot; And I'd work with you with your numbers, not on a public call but if that's all you got then I'd certainly would either work them through a worksheet that helps them calculate that. If it's a big group public call or work with them as part of it so that you calculate with them exactly what the value is and what you're teaching them. So this is a very big impact. If somebody was going to come to you and offer you x-dollars which is the amount they just said, you know, &quot;What would you be willing to invest in order to get that?&quot; &quot;Oh, I'd be willing to invest Y.&quot; &quot;Great. Well, good news is you don't have to invest that because x-y-z is helping sponsor this program for you and we'll be working towards generating X-result and you know what? As we grow and as you implement this program you might find that you would like as many of our members do would like to invest in the ongoing membership and the investment for that is only Y which you could see is a whole lot less than what you said for yourself you'd be willing to invest in order to get this.&quot; So we've got to really ask them to quantify their pay. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. Okay. Yeah. It sounds like I need to get much more ROI focus in my reselling I guess. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Well, and that certainly is a big part of it, but also the ROI because right now I suspect is you're going right into delivering the training. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Well, yeah, so they sign up for the training, right, and then when they're in the training we start talking about things that they need in addition to basic training to really implement here and that usually requires some resources from the Insider's Circle so they say, &quot;Yeah, okay, add that to my program.&quot; </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> But see they weren't the original ones that bought so they don't have an emotional connection to you yet. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And what you want is you want them to be really seeking you out as like an anecdote, as an anecdote to their problem, as the cure to what is ailing them in their lives. And until they do that then you're really just this, &quot;Oh geez, I got to go and pay attention to these trainings because x-y-z bought this for me and they said it would be valuable.&quot; And this is also one of the things that I'm doing with a lot of folks' programs are so for instance if we sell a training program to a business owner, let's say you sell it to a I don't know, a restaurant, well that restaurant owner came and saw your pitch and got excited about your program and bought. And now that restaurant owner is going to turn around and try to sell their staff on implementing the program. Well, probably when you sold the restaurant owner you told him all that money that he was going to make and how he was going to grow his business, well those messages aren't particularly motivating to the restaurant staff. You know, making the restaurant owner rich is not why they're at the restaurant. And in fact, they kind of resent that a little bit. Whereas, what we're doing is helping now provide a training class strictly for the staff that resells them on the program and how it's going to put more tips in their pocket if they implement the program than if they don't. And how they should thank their boss for introducing this program because it's going to help them make more money than at any other restaurant they could be working at. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And so I think that one of the things I would start with within your program is really teaching them that this is an opportunity that will unlock terrific riches and resources within their life. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Go ahead. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> No, no, that's fine. Yeah. That sounds like the right direction for sure. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Because you've got a terrific advantage. Someone else paid for this and now you're able to roll it out and I just want to make sure that you're not skipping the step of reselling the person who's going through the program at how valuable this program is for them so that they can truly appreciate what they've been handed. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Yes. Okay. Well, I'm going to work on those and I'll probably come back with some clarification questions. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. And feel free to send me something to take a look. Happy to look at it and give you some thoughts. It's all about incorporating it into your curriculum and then incorporating it into the welcome package and the coaching of really ramping up that, you know, making it important in their lives, just like a weight loss coaching has to do is to kind of re-establish the dream, keep that in front of them and so that they stay motivated and feel that this is the most important thing they could be doing. This is so much more important, you know, looking great in the skinny jeans is emotionally more important to me than eating that cinnamon bun. And so I don't even care about the cinnamon bun because in my world looking great in those jeans is way more important, or living this healthy lifestyle is way more important than the emotional gain I might get from eating that bowl of ice cream. And so what you need to do within the first couple of weeks of your program, it's kind of nice you actually have maybe a couple of weeks where you've got their attention, whereas in a normal sales process you would be kind of fighting against everything, so you've kind of been handed this opportunity to get their attention, so during that time you need to get them emotionally invested in your program so that this becomes more important than anything else they could have going on on their desk. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. Good. Yeah. I got a couple of ideas as you were explaining that that I'm going to give a shot at here. Let's see if we can get that going. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Well, Dave it's always a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you again for calling today. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Very good. Thank you. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Now there's quite a few of you that are on the line as well and if you would like to ask a question all you have to do is hit *1, but there is no requirement or pressure. You don't have to ask a question, but if you don't have a question then we probably will go ahead and wrap up today in just a couple of moments, so hit *1 if you'd like to ask a question. If you have a question you'd like to look at future calls your next Jump Start Coaching Call is coming up on March 29 and that call will also be at 3:00 Eastern or Noon Pacific. So I certainly appreciate each of you coming to the call today. If you'd like to ask a question just go ahead and hit *1, get yourself in the queue. Otherwise, as I do have the flu, I've been trying to mute myself while I was talking to Dave so I didn't cough in your ear or anything, but with that if are no other questions then we'll go ahead and wrap for today's call. If you have anything you need from me please send me a quick email, just reply to any of the messages that you've received from me and those will make their way to my desk.  And again, we'll look forward speaking with you next time on March 29, 3:00 Eastern, Noon Pacific. Thank you very much for participating and I look forward to talking with you soon. </p> </div> Thu, 31 Mar 2016 20:33:22 GMT Improve Lifetime Customer Value by Building Strong Member Relationships <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62757"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1603-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> Just because you say your customers are &ldquo;members,&rdquo; that doesn&rsquo;t create a member relationship. In fact, throwing around the &ldquo;member&rdquo; word when you are otherwise treating them like customers can make your customer retention worse. This program shows you how to transcend a customer relationship to foster a stronger, longer-lasting member relationship. You&rsquo;ll learn the differences, and how to build systems that&rsquo;ll enable you to create these relationships at scale.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Thu, 31 Mar 2016 20:24:03 GMT January 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62516"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQUphbnVhcnkyMDE2SnVtcFN0YXJ0Lm1wMw%3D%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. This is Robert Skrob. I am so excited to have the opportunity to connect with you today. If you have a question just hit *1. That gets you into the queue to ask your question. And this call is all for you. I am here to answer your questions about your business and help you move everything forward. If you have questions about what's the best direction to pursue, if you have questions about what step is next, if you have questions of you need a vendor or a resource and you don't know where to turn then the Jump Start Coaching Call and right here is exactly what it is all about. </p> <p>These calls range in length, you know, sometimes we're wrapped up in 20 minutes, other times I think last month we went more than an hour, so it just depends on how many questions and who's on the call and what kind of questions you have because I am at your service and it's all about helping you and your business. So hit *1, that gets you in the queue. The hardest part I've found is getting that first question and getting the conversation started. Beyond that, then once we get the first question then it seems to roll pretty easily from there. So just hit *1 on your phone and that will get you in the queue to ask your question. </p> <p>One of the key things that I really see marketers in the software or the service space and the subscription space and in the information marketing space the mistake they make is they focus too much on getting subscribers and they look at for instance Adobe. If you're an Adobe user then you've noticed that Adobe went from a model where you buy their software and then use it and then until you want an upgrade then you'd get an upgrade. Adobe has gone to doing a monthly model where you pay a monthly service fee and you get the software. Well, for users this is kind of the very unwelcome development, and the whole focus for their users now is, how can I get by with as few licenses as possible, because they feel like the company doesn't care about them, that the company just sees them as a monthly payment and that doesn't value who they are and doesn't value the fact that they're a customer of the business. And it's really [soul crushing] to be an Adobe customer right now because they don't feel like they care about you. </p> <p>Now as far as Adobe, their stockholders think this is great because now they have all these &quot;subscribers&quot; who are using their software and paying monthly. And because these customers are paying monthly the valuations of that revenue stream are a lot higher the stock price is going to be more valuable by virtue of that. And so it is sending very mixed signals. And compare that with a company such as Slack. I don't know if you've heard of Slack. Slack is a communications platform for teams and with Slack you really feel like they care about you, like they are deeply interested in your business and that they really want you to succeed. And the difference is with Slack companies are trying to get everybody on it. They want more people using it and frankly the more people who use it the more valuable it is to the company whereas Adobe you're trying to minimize the number of users. And this difference, you know, two entirely similar models, both subscription model, one approaching it as a partnership deeply caring about the customer relationship and putting the customer in charge of how much they buy and when they buy and the levels and putting out support, putting out service versus the other model of you know what? We got the best thing and for a lot of you a lot of what you do we're the only thing that really does the job and we can charge whatever we want and so we will. And so those are kind of these two competing models. </p> <p>As an information marketer I hear all the time where people want to create these done for you models, or utility benefits where if the benefit gets unplugged the customer really misses it, and so that keeps them in the program. Those handcuff benefits, those golden handcuff benefits as I call them are very nice as far as they go, but if you as a company begin to rely on those solely or too much then the client begins to resent the relationship and not want to be a part of it anymore. So it's key that you realize that this business is still a relationship business. You are still focused on building connections and building a relationship, and then on that basis having this monthly exchange of money. So I just wanted to share that a little, share some thoughts around that, and then we'll also get on to our next question. </p> <p>So if you have a question you would like to ask just hit *1 that gets you into the queue, and in the meantime we'll go to Fred in San Francisco. Welcome Fred. Fred are you there? Can't hear you. I don't know, Kevin are you able to unmute Fred so we can hear him or is he still on the line? </p> <p><strong>Kevin:</strong> Yes, just one second. Let me unmute that line for you. Fred, your line is open. Can you hear Fred? </p> <p><strong>Fred: </strong>Can you hear me? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> I can. Thank you sir. Apologize for the problem. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Oh good. I guess it was you and not me. I never know. Hello Robert. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Hello Fred. Great to see you, or great to hear from you. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Yeah. Oh, can I digress a little bit from my question. You were talking about creating a relationship. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Have you ever read the book <em>The Experience Economy</em>?</p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> I have. It's been a while, but yes. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> It's an old book but it's right on spot with that. But anyway, let me get to the question that I had. I'm a CPA and I want to offer to focus on realtors offering tax reduction and tax coaching strategies using the information marketing model. I read your couple of books and I think it's great. I've been doing this for the past year and I'm having trouble getting off the ground. Do you have a recommendation for some vendors like, you know, setting up -- I don't set up web pages and stuff and do we have vendors that you would recommend that know what to do if I call and tell them what I'm doing they can do it without a lot of coaching, or without me giving a lot of education to them? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Certainly. And there are some in the resources online on the website, but if you want why don't you send me a quick email and I'd be happy to. That way I can get you their names and phone numbers and things like that that you can follow up with. But yeah, I'd be happy to connect you with some web people who kind of already know what the typical things are. And then they can work with you to pull it together. Now, do you know how you plan on marketing to the CPAs? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Well, it's actually to realtors. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Oh, to realtors. I'm sorry. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> So your suggestions in your books were quite good. It's been several months since I read it, but realtors associate with a lot of realtor meetings around and I joined a couple of them. I want to focus on realtors in California, so I was going to reach out to maybe advertise into some of their associations. I have a bunch of them on my web addresses already, so that's what I was going to start with and I figured I'd start with like a telephone conference call like we're doing right now maybe for a few minutes, an hour or so, and just give them a heads up on what they can do.  And then maybe lead that into another more extensive program. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Now what are you teaching the realtors? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Tax reduction strategies that apply to businesses and realtors in particular, things they can do to put money in their pocket basically. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So what's the first step? Do you want them to hire you? Do you want them to buy a product? What do you want this to move forward to? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Well, I anticipate them buying a program that goes over a couple of weeks or three weeks, I haven't figured out exactly how much, that goes through the tax strategies that apply to 90% of the realtors, and get that as something they pay for and do that as like a webinar that goes over three or four or five weeks. And then have an ascension program that goes into individual coaching for the some that would like that. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Is it part of what you offer that they could actually hire you to do some of this for them? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Yes. I do, I don't call it coaching, but I do the coaching for people, individuals. And so I want to offer like an information program, a webinar that I could put on periodically and they would pay for that. That would go on three-four weeks. And then if they want to then sign up for more intensive individual coaching in tax preparation it could be other things too, then that would be like the ascension step. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong>  And all that's fine. What I'm thinking is why don't we start with maybe just selling them right into your services? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> You think that's a better approach than kind of leading them up the stairs slowly? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Well, I guess what I'm thinking of is you already have a way of turning realtors with tax problems into money, you know, because you provide these services. And we can think of other things we could offer them, other levels of the pyramid, but for right now why don't we build out the bottom which is the lead generation part and move them straight to the top? Now, it may be more effective later when we come up with some other levels, but at the moment it's simplest. We can kind of play around with the messages that work and we can kind of do some marketing. You're already able to convert that into money. And then as you learn more about it, and maybe even accumulate a list of these real estate professionals then you can launch a product and have a big sale when you have a few hundred or even a thousand or two on some email list. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. That's a good idea. So I've already built out -- I'm already doing the individual coaching, but just for people I've met, I've basically marketed personally. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So what about so the classic kind of lead generation model is having a special report and that maybe outlines the eight critical tax mistakes that cost real estate professionals thousands a year. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Right. So like a white paper that's something you might call it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. And what I would do is have a blog and have that white paper and a quick for instance. So at there is a website that promotes my membership marketing expertise, and on that site there is a free report and then I post blog posts on there three times a week. Once a week it's video and twice a week it's a post. And then I'm able to advertise those posts or promote those posts. Those posts lead back to the website which leads to my free report. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And some number of those free people who get the free report then there's an email follow-up sequence that follows up with them over the course of 30 days and that creates a nice little stream of people who are picking up the phone saying or sending me an email saying hey, I'd like to talk with you about what you do. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And if you are limiting what you are marketing to real estate professionals and putting that free report ad, so you can put an ad for your free report in these journals and you could put promote this blog in those journals, you've now positioned yourself as an expert because you're talking about these things and this is a way of generating an email list. </p> <p>Now it could be as simple as three or six months from now after you've been doing this for a little while, you've got a nice little handful of names and now you do maybe a webinar series. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> A training. And you're not trying to promote the training from scratch, but instead you've got a nice little list of people that you've been communicating with some of which have turned into clients, others of which haven&rsquo;t pulled the trigger yet, but they might be interested in your moving up the ladder. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. Great idea. I think the main thing here is you are suggesting I just go right to the top rather than lead up to it slowly since I already have that. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Right. And there was a section in the book about selling high priced services. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Yes, I remember that. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And that's essentially the model that I'm recommending that you start with where you use these info marketing strategies in order to attract leads. So it begins at page 259 is that section of <em>The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing</em>, Second Edition. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Right. Yeah, I have it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And so kind of re-read that, but that's essentially what I am recommending is use that, generate some leads, and then come back with the teleseminar or webinar series once you've got some leads and probably even once you get the leads you could do little surveys and find out what they want to hear. And also there's the possibility that people don't want to know this information or buy products about it. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Right. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Better we find out now than spend the next six months creating a product and then find out they're not going to buy it. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Yeah. I love your concept of create the market, the demand, to get the customers before you create the product. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And you're providing CPA services all along it's just you're niching yourself to a particular market and that in of itself is a smart marketing strategy and the fact that it can also transition into this other, you know, an info marketing business all the better. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Wonderful. Thank you for your suggestions. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Is that helpful? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> That's very helpful. I'll send you an email and ask you for some specifics on vendors. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> That sounds great. I'm happy to do that. Appreciate you calling in and certainly look forward to hearing updates. Please let me know how you're doing and send me information. I look forward to hearing from Fred every now and then about how your business is growing. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Thank you very much. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Thank you sir. And if you have a question just hit *1 on your phone and that will get you into the queue to ask your question. And we'll go until we run out of questions and then wrap up. Your Best Practices in Information Marketing call for the month of February is actually going to be -- actually that's January 12th -- I'll have to look again. I think it's almost definitely going to be February 9th and it is. And if you haven't asked your question yet and would like to, and if you think of a question later then the next Jump Start Coaching call is going to be on February 23rd. And all the calls are at the same time, which is the time this started, either 3:00 Eastern or noon Pacific. So I guess with that, Fred, I thank you so much for joining us today and asking a question. I'll give other folks, I know there's quite a few of you on the line, another opportunity to jump in and ask a question by hitting *1 and we'll get you into the queue. </p> <p>And again, I think that Fred, it's very often we think that if we don't jump in with both feet we haven't gotten in at all. And what I like to do as much as possible is use your current business and grow it, create marketing systems that grow with your business, and then as we see that the marketing systems are working then add in these other layers that help build the information marketing business. </p> <p>So a great, great question. Thank you so much for asking. And again, your next Jump Start Coaching call is on February 23rd. If you have questions or need to send me an email or anything like that in the meantime I certainly look forward to hearing from you. Just reply to any of the messages that you've received from me and those will come to my desk. </p> <p>So thanks a lot and I look forward to talking with you next time on your Jump Start Coaching call. </p> </div> Mon, 29 Feb 2016 22:18:44 GMT