Information Marketing Association Information Marketing Association Wed, 18 Jan 2017 01:33:35 GMT Dan Kennedy's December 2016 No B.S. Information Marketing Special Report <div class="assets"> <div class="facebook-like"> <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="height: 24px; width: 100%; margin-bottom:1.5em" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> </div> <h3>Resources</h3> <ol> <li> <a class="" href="/community/news-and-updates/download/L2ZpbGVzL2FjY291bnRzL2ltYS9hc3NldHMvZmlsZXMvZGFuLWtlbm5lZHktaW5mby1sZXR0ZXIvU1I3NS1Gb3JUaGVHbG9yeS5wZGY%3D" title="SR75-ForTheGlory.pdf">SR75-ForTheGlory.pdf</a> </li> </ol> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> Dan Kennedy&#39;s December No B.S. Information Marketing Special Report was jammed packed with resources to help you build your information marketing business.&nbsp;</p> <p> Here is a quick summary of the topics included:</p> <ul> <li> Direct, &quot;personal&quot;, relationship based recognition</li> <li> Closed, competitive community recogition</li> <li> What recognition must include to be motivational</li> <li> Practical recognition members may use</li> <li> Recognition members can use for their own purposes</li> </ul> <p> As a member of the Information Marketing Association you are welcome to download the attached PDF file.&nbsp; This page is active through March 31, 2017.</p> </div> Wed, 04 Jan 2017 20:44:26 GMT Advanced Coaching Training Retain Your Coaching Clients for Years <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-65167"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1612-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> While coaching clients love the idea of buying accountability from their coach, when it&rsquo;s delivered, most often they dislike it and quit. It&rsquo;s a delicate balance to provide what coaching clients expect versus what they really need to succeed. And, at the same time giving them what&rsquo;s necessary to keep them as a coaching member. This program will focus on the advanced coaching strategies you need to help your clients get the best possible results while retaining them for years in your program.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Wed, 04 Jan 2017 20:36:44 GMT Open Coaching Call for IMA Members - January 2017 <div class="html clearfix clear"> <h2> Open Coaching Call for IMA Members</h2> <p> To help info-marketers grow their businesses, avoid obstacles and get their questions answered, Robert Skrob is hosting a special telecoaching call for all IMA members. This call is an open question and answer format. In this format Robert is able to provide detailed answers to ensure members have everything they need to succeed. This is your time, dedicated to helping you make money fast within the information marketing business.</p> <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody> <tr> <td valign="top" width="25%"> <p align="center"> <strong>Call Date</strong></p> </td> <td valign="top" width="25%"> <p align="center"> <strong>Call Time</strong></p> </td> <td valign="top" width="25%"> <p align="center"> <strong>Phone Information</strong></p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top" width="25%"> <p align="center"> January 17, 2017<br /> (Future IMA call dates;<br /> mark your calendar now.)<br /> February 17<br /> March 21</p> </td> <td valign="top" width="25%"> <p align="center"> 3:00 pm, Eastern<br /> 12:00 noon, Pacific<br /> 8:00 pm, UK London<br /> 7:00 am, 18/01/17, Sydney</p> </td> <td valign="top" width="25%"> <p align="center"> At 3:00 p.m. Eastern,<br /> dial 512-879-2260,<br /> Enter pass code 726012#<br /> (Music plays until the call begins.)</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p> &nbsp;</p> </div> Wed, 04 Jan 2017 20:23:47 GMT August 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-64995"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cHM6Ly9zMy11cy13ZXN0LTIuYW1hem9uYXdzLmNvbS9pbWEtY29udGVudC9EZWMrMjAxNi9JTUErSnVtcCtTdGFydCtDYWxsKzE2MDgubXAz" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching call.&nbsp; This is my favorite day of the month where we get to work together on your business answering your questions, making sure you have what you need to jump start your information marketing business.&nbsp; I&#39;ve been doing these calls now for nine years.&nbsp; Can you imagine that?&nbsp; Every month for nine years working with folks like you to help you launch your businesses forward.&nbsp; Some of these calls have gone 90 minutes or even two hours.&nbsp; Other calls wrap up within seven minutes and we&#39;re off and running.&nbsp; I&#39;d love to help you with your business.&nbsp;</p> <p> All you need to do is hit *1.&nbsp; That gets you into the queue to ask your question.&nbsp; And as it happens so many times over the last nine years or nine calls, it takes a little time for folks to jump on in and ask that first question, but once we have a question or two, or once there&#39;s a threat that I&#39;m going to go ahead and wrap up the call folks go ahead and quickly hit *1 to jump in the queue to ask a question.&nbsp; You could just save us all that drama.&nbsp; Just hit *1 now and that will get you into the queue and you can ask your question and I&#39;ll take your question in the order that they&#39;re received.</p> <p> One of the things that I want to share with you is I encourage you to check out a brand new membership offer that I have that has already had some initial success.&nbsp; And check it out because as another example of moving away from a free trial offer and moving towards a gift with purchase offer and it&#39;s a very good example and getting better of a member welcome kit and onboarding program.&nbsp; I&#39;d like to encourage you to check it out.&nbsp; It&#39;s at and that gives you a link directly to a web page that you probably wouldn&#39;t have seen unless you were on a particular list.&nbsp; And then you can check out this offer and see what we&#39;re doing with it.&nbsp; For $59 you can get the member welcome kit and check it out.&nbsp; If you&#39;re already a GKIC Gold member you can send an email to the concierge and they will get you hooked up with this program so you can see what we have going there.&nbsp; I certainly encourage you to check it out.</p> <p> A couple of you are in the queue that you&#39;d like to ask a question, and our operator Stephanie has reached out to you to try to get your name, so I&#39;d certainly like to recognize you by name and get you on the call.&nbsp; But we just need you to respond when Stephanie hails you.&nbsp; If you haven&#39;t already you can get hit *1.&nbsp; Stephanie will connect with you and then take your name and make sure you have it.&nbsp; And also Stephanie will make sure she&#39;s not muted herself or something so that, you know, something like you can&#39;t hear her or what have you and make sure that you can communicate and get you on the call.</p> <p> One of the real key things that we did with that onboarding kit is that we provide the training that&#39;s necessary to help them launch their business forward, but at the same time we weaved in the beliefs that they need to have in order to really be able to implement what we&#39;re training.&nbsp; So for instance, you&#39;ve got to believe that it&#39;s better for sales people to be working with prospects that are ready to make a purchase and able to make a purchase than doing their own cold prospecting.&nbsp; If you don&#39;t believe that that&#39;s the case well then you&#39;re not going to buy into the concepts of magnetic marketing.&nbsp; Also, if you&#39;re not engaged and recognizing the value of raising prices well then it really doesn&#39;t matter what we teach you about price strategy you&#39;re going to have a fundamental challenge with getting any of that implemented.&nbsp; So it&#39;s important to get that teaching in.</p> <p> So this not only teaches the 10 keys of price strategy, but it also teaches the theory behind why you would even engage in price strategy and help sell them on the concept.&nbsp; And this is a very important change.&nbsp; Most folks focus only on teaching or the focus primarily on teaching a concept or teaching a process, do this, step one is implement this, without giving any framework for why that&#39;s important or how somebody would incorporate that into their life.&nbsp; By helping and focusing on the beliefs that are necessary then it underpins all the training that you&#39;re delivering, helps them recognize the value and the simplicity of the strategies you&#39;re delivering, how that simplifies the complicated and really helps them get results more quickly and which creates a long-term, more valuable customer for you.</p> <p> So I encourage you to check it out.&nbsp; It&#39;s at; You&#39;ll see a sales letter and order form there and I encourage you to grab it if you are not a Gold member, if you are a Gold member then reach out to the concierge and ask them to get you hooked up and send you that package.&nbsp;</p> <p> With that we will take our first call.&nbsp; If you would like to get into the queue to ask a question just hit *1 and then we&#39;ll take you next.&nbsp; In the meantime, we&#39;ll go to Rolando in Denver.&nbsp; Welcome Rolando.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Hey Robert, how&#39;s it going?&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Fabulous thank you.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Well I&#39;m glad you can hear me because the concierge, the person couldn&#39;t hear me initially, but I eventually was able to get through.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Well with a little bit of persistence and we got it done.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; And speaking of persistence that&#39;s sort of kind of where my question comes from.&nbsp; Where do you want me to start?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; How about the beginning?</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; So basically I have a list of about 10,000 emails and phone numbers.&nbsp; I do not have the physical addresses.&nbsp; But I do not have permission to contact them, so I&#39;m trying to find ways to market to them without being spammy or doing anything that would violate any canned spam act or anything like that.&nbsp; And I tried several things, but they&#39;d work to a certain degree, but I&#39;m seeing if you had any ideas on how else I can market to them where I can get them either to a permission based solution because again, I don&#39;t have permission to email, but it&#39;s a highly targeted list.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; What about offering a webinar or a live cast?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Well, I can do that.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And then how about some sort of free thing that they can opt in for?</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; I do that.&nbsp; But the problem is trying to email them initially because I can&#39;t use a permission based solution like Aweber or Infusionsoft or even like Mail Chimp.&nbsp; I can&#39;t use them because I do not have permission to email them as of yet.&nbsp; Once I can get them onto a permission based and I have been able to get probably about 200 of the 10,000 onto a permission based that is just awesome because I have the webinars and the free videos and the free eBooks to target to them further to get them permission based, but it&#39;s just email them initially.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; A lot of folks I know that need that sort of solution use;</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp;; Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Your Mailing List Provider is what it&#39;s called.&nbsp; And they will, you can uphold your list and they will fire it out for you.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; That sounds awesome.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Now one of the things that I have seen them do that I think is probably pretty important is when they send out something they send it to a completely different -- they send it from a completely different email address and URL from everything else that they&#39;re sending.&nbsp; And they drive them to a completely different URL and address so that if for some reason anything gets blacklisted it&#39;s not your core email address or URL.&nbsp; You can get a URL blacklisted and you can see this in like a lot of big launches where you&#39;ve got a lot of affiliates sending out stuff and one of the affiliates may be already on the blacklist and because they send out the same URL as everything else that URL ends up on the blacklist and now nobody&#39;s email is getting delivered.&nbsp; So you just want to put a firewall between all your permission-based stuff and if you&#39;re going to do this all your YMLP stuff.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; So might as well just set up like different domains that I can mail from so my original URL and domain IP addresses are protected.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Right.&nbsp; And so the investment is like $10 on Go Daddy to get another URL.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah, I don&#39;t have a problem with that.&nbsp; I could probably just set up a handful so when one gets burned I have another one on call that I can just use.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Probably with this volume you won&#39;t have a problem.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah, because it&#39;s not a ton of names, but it&#39;s a decent amount.&nbsp; Do you have any other suggestions besides</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; No, I haven&#39;t needed any, I mean so if all you&#39;re looking for is a technology solution that&#39;s non-permission-based then YMLP is the thing. &nbsp;They&#39;ll fire it out for you without a problem.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah, that sounds awesome.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And it just depends on the number of emails you want to send and they have different membership levels based on the volume and so you would figure out what sort of campaign you want to do over a term and then you can join and cancel at any time.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah, that sound awesome.&nbsp; I wish I could find these solutions on my own, but I guess that&#39;s why I have you guys.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; There you go. &nbsp;I&#39;ve been down this road and seen a lot of clients use it over the years and so now I certainly recognize and have these little things in our rolodex.&nbsp; But nope, that&#39;s why we&#39;re here.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Is this on the Resource Guide on our IMA website because I didn&#39;t find, or I just passed right through it, or is it not listed on the Resource Guide?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; I probably would not be posting YMLP because some folks could misuse this and really send a lot of spam.&nbsp; I try not to certainly necessarily encourage folks to use it, but when somebody asks I&#39;ll make sure that you&#39;ve got what you need in order to do it right.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; Oh man, glad I was able to make this call because I had to cancel meetings to make this call.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Oh my goodness.&nbsp; Well hopefully I made it worth it for you.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Oh definitely.&nbsp; I&#39;m really excited to use the solution.&nbsp; I&#39;m not going to hang up.&nbsp; I&#39;m going to listen to the rest of the call just in case there&#39;s any other nuggets, but once the call&#39;s over I am off to the races.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Well, if anything comes up or if you have any questions feel free to, you can hit reply to any of the emails I&#39;ve sent to you and it&#39;ll come to me and Denise and we&#39;ll make sure that you get your answer so that you can get this implemented and start getting these out.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Oh cool, so I don&#39;t even have to wait a month I can just email you when I can.&nbsp; So Robert, if you don&#39;t mind when I have this implemented I&#39;ll just tell you what my results are and you&#39;ll probably have one happy member here.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; All right.&nbsp; I would love to add happy members to the stack.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; All right.&nbsp; Sounds great.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; All right.&nbsp; Well thanks a lot.</p> <p> <strong>Rolando:</strong>&nbsp; Thank you very much.&nbsp; I appreciate it.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; All right.&nbsp; And I appreciate it Rolando.&nbsp; If you have a question and you would like to get into the queue to ask one all you need to do is hit *1 and that gets you into the queue to ask a question.&nbsp; Now our next question is from Kashik in Sacramento.&nbsp; How are you sir?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I&#39;m great.&nbsp; Can you hear me?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; I can.&nbsp; Welcome.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; All right.&nbsp; Well thank you.&nbsp; So great to be on the call and I just re-read part of your book again which is really awesome.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Well thank you.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; So I ended up, I created a product for lawyers, I&#39;m a lawyer myself.&nbsp; And I launched it using a webinar.&nbsp; It was, I&#39;m not going to say it wasn&#39;t successful, it just wasn&#39;t as successful as I&#39;d like it to be so I ended up getting like about ten people on my list, eight or ten people.&nbsp; But I&#39;m just kind of stuck as to how to launch or how to get things going and I don&#39;t want to just keep on trying things and burning money, you know.&nbsp; I created a website somewhere around $5,000 already, so that&#39;s kind of my dilemma right now and I know there&#39;s a lot of different ways to go, but I just don&#39;t know what to choose and how to get started.&nbsp; My budget&#39;s kind of become limited now since I&#39;ve kind of used up my budget already.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; So you offered a webinar or webinar series?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I offered a webinar; it was like a 60 minute webinar.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; And how did you promote that?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I did Facebook advertising.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; And who is your customer if you don&#39;t mind?&nbsp; The more information I have the better I&#39;ll be able to help you.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Oh yeah, sure.&nbsp; It&#39;s just lawyers who are seeking marketing resources, you know, solo practitioners, small law firm.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And what was your offer for the webinar?&nbsp; Like what was the headline or the promise that they were going to get if they dialed in?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Basically how to get more leads and convert it in, how to get more reviews specifically, how to implement a way to convert more leads, but I can&#39;t remember what the third part was.&nbsp; There was like three problems basically.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Did you get any feedback from the ten participants?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Well I didn&#39;t actually, I had eight people register, or I think I had four people register for that and then I did like another kind of opt in where I got another four people.&nbsp; So no, I didn&#39;t get any feedback.&nbsp; I had two people show up out of the four and they stayed till the end, but just no one bought.&nbsp; I mean I don&#39;t expect anyone to buy after only two people, but it&#39;s just like kind of the numbers like Facebook didn&#39;t appear to be working.&nbsp; I don&#39;t know if Facebook was just not a good medium for lawyers, but yeah, that&#39;s kind of what happened.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Have you done this work for other lawyers in the past?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; No, this I&#39;m just starting out and that&#39;s the challenge.&nbsp; I&#39;m creating my info marketing business getting them all willing and started.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And how did you choose attorneys?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Oh because I&#39;m an attorney.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; And is there a particular legal specialty?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Well, so my product is not targeting a legal specialty.&nbsp; I practice immigration law, but my product is not targeting any specific area of law.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Why not?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah, that&#39;s big.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t want to just narrow it down to immigration lawyers.&nbsp; I felt like that might be too small of a market.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Why?&nbsp; How many immigration lawyers are there?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; 10,000.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; So you had 1% of 10,000 would that be a decent place to start?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong> Yeah, yeah.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And you probably have a lot of examples, in particular you could use with other immigration lawyers.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yes.&nbsp; That&#39;s true.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; You probably have access to even just like within your personal rolodex you probably know other immigration lawyers around the country that you could reach out to probably more directly than Facebook to offer them help.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; I would say I know a handful of people.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; So would you consider maybe as leads for the beginning?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I would consider it.&nbsp; Immigration is federal law, so immigration lawyers can practice anywhere in the country.&nbsp; But I would consider it.&nbsp; I mean the other thing is immigration lawyers tend to not make as much money as other lawyers.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Doesn&#39;t that sound like an opportunity for you?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; That&#39;s an interesting way to see it, yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And how do immigration lawyers feel about not making as much money as other practice areas?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I think pretty probably two things, probably shamed and angry because I mean they go into immigration law because it&#39;s a passion, but at the same time it&#39;s not financially rewarding so it&#39;s kind of a conflict.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Would your program help alleviate that pressure?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah absolutely.&nbsp; Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And so there is this angst and real frustration amongst this market that you&#39;re able to present the solution for.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Hmm-mm.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And now if you were able to take the money you invested on your Facebook advertising and target only immigration lawyers would you have more reach and relevance for that market than you did attorneys overall?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; Well I think it&#39;d definitely be more targeted.&nbsp; I&#39;m not sure if Facebook is the way -- I&#39;m hesitant to use Facebook again.&nbsp; So I was wondering if you have any other thoughts of like ways to reach out to connect with people.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; So if you had a buddy that was in LA that wanted your help what could you help deliver to him over the course of a few weeks?&nbsp; Or I guess what were you selling on this webinar?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Well, I was selling my six CD product called Lawyer Marketing Blueprint which it has three bonus CDs to increase website leads and conversion, so primarily it has online like how to improve your website conversions after you --</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Have you already created this?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah, I already created it.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; I wonder if immigration lawyers want more website conversions or really even comprehend what that means.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I think if they&#39;re into marketing they do, but maybe if they&#39;re not into marketing they may not.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; How many immigration lawyers do you know are into marketing?&nbsp; I could think of maybe one.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:&nbsp; </strong>Yes, it&#39;s more I guess 20% of my friends.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Well, all I know is you, so there maybe others, but you is the only one I know about.&nbsp; And so what is it that they really want?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:&nbsp; </strong>Well, they want more clients.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And not just any client.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Good clients.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And probably high margin clients that pay and are easy to deal with and can comply with what you need them to do, all those things, right?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Right.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And so if you offered that, a webinar or a blueprint to create that, do you think that maybe that would be more effective?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah, I mean I think it&#39;s just basically changing the message not necessarily changing the product because the product is so, you know, working on creating more leads which will allow you to choose your client.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Of course.&nbsp; And also by knowing what sort of -- by understanding targeting you can target more high value leads.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Right.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Because you can determine who are your highest value customers or clients, and then you can use the marketing in order to call out the attention of the individuals who are highest value.&nbsp; Does that make sense?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; So you&#39;re still, I mean do you still think like a webinar is -- I guess I&#39;m still confused about what medium to connect, like let&#39;s say I choose to market immigration lawyers and changed the messaging which I think is really great, like what you suggested.&nbsp; The question I keep on running into is how do I get a list to reach out to people to communicate the message to?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; What is your blueprint product?&nbsp; What is it?&nbsp; You said it&#39;s CDs and stuff?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; It&#39;s CDs.&nbsp; It&#39;s six CDs with three bonuses, so like one CD talks about websites and conversions.&nbsp; One talks about how to niche your product.&nbsp; One talks about how to leverage out of what your lawyer ratings, and one&#39;s like on best practices.&nbsp; One kind of like implements video and different kinds of website conversion tools like Chat.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And all of this is primarily based on your own experience?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Correct.&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And how long do you think it would take a typical attorney to implement this within their practice?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Depends on how aggressive you are, but I would say six months.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And if you had a buddy that was in LA and they came to you and said, &quot;Oh man, will you work with me over the next six months to show me and my person what we need to do in order to implement your blueprint?&quot;&nbsp; Would that be something you could do?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; Yeah, absolutely.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; What would you need to charge that buddy in order to make it worthwhile for you, it&#39;s kind of a learning experience, you&#39;re going to get some examples you can show, you&#39;re going to get another case study and prove that this thing works, so there&#39;s a little bit in it for you beyond the money but you don&#39;t necessarily need to do anything for free.&nbsp; So what would the fee be that would make this worthwhile for you all things considered?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I think like $100 a session.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Oaky.&nbsp; And how many sessions a month would they be?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I&#39;m thinking probably like two.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; All right.&nbsp; So $197 a month, something like that?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> So for $1182 they could have this -- you could work with them in order to get this implemented within their practice?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; I think that&#39;s fair to say.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; What about reaching out to your rolodex of attorneys and simply call them and go, &quot;Hey, look I got this product I&#39;ve created and what this is going to do is help you create a steady stream of clients that are high value, that will grow your practice, and put your practice on your income on parity with other legal specialties.&nbsp; So that you finally get the money that you deserve.&nbsp; I can get you that product and what I&#39;ll do is I&#39;ll provide two monthly coaching calls for you a month for you and your team in order to walk you step-by-step through the program.&nbsp; I&#39;m willing to do it because I want testimonials and proof.&nbsp; I can&#39;t give it to you for free because then you&#39;re not going to be engaged or doing it, but what about if we just charge like $197 a month and then that way you&#39;ve got a little skin in the game and I&#39;ll work with you step-by-step to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 over the next six months and help you, make sure you have the resources you need, the tools and walk you step-by-step through it, hold your hand, and at the end of six months you&#39;ll have a website that&#39;s generating leads, a conversion system to turn them into a client, an attraction system to get them to get the most high value clients, a sale system,&quot; and whatever you are promising within your product and that way you&#39;ll have it all there and working within six months bringing you on parity and income wise but other specialties.&nbsp; How does that sound?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; I think I could definitely give it a try.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; So selling something like this without having tested it with clients makes it particularly difficult to sell it.&nbsp; Not necessarily because prospective buyers want to see that you&#39;ve tested it, but because it&#39;s a challenge learning how to sell a thing such as this.&nbsp; And being one-on-one with clients on the phone or in person is going to give you a tremendous experience of what you need to put into one of your webinars in order to get it to convert.&nbsp;</p> <p> Right now the reason why you&#39;re not attracting a large number of people and then converting them into your product that list is probably a long one.&nbsp; There&#39;s probably 50 things you&#39;re doing wrong.&nbsp; If I looked at your webinar and attraction things I might be able to find eight of them or ten, who knows, or 12.&nbsp; I&#39;ve been at it a long time maybe I could find 15.&nbsp; But even then there&#39;s 35 things that I don&#39;t know because I haven&#39;t sold into this market and I wouldn&#39;t even know what to tell you in order to make sure that it was right.&nbsp; And nobody does.&nbsp;</p> <p> But when you start selling to these customers and you kind of study what method you prepare your little pitch and you deliver it and then you change it and then you tweak it and then you do it again and then you change it, and you do it again.&nbsp; Now all of a sudden you&#39;re not just delivering a sales presentation and getting clients, but you&#39;re learning what works and what doesn&#39;t work, and what needs to be in your webinar and your lead attraction and what doesn&#39;t serve you.</p> <p> And also you&#39;re getting paid for the privilege because you&#39;re moving, you&#39;re generating clients, you&#39;re generating sales and you&#39;re not spending a lot of money on marketing.&nbsp; I would simply make calls to the folks you know.&nbsp; Make calls to, you know, if you have a conversation with somebody and they&#39;re not interested it&#39;s like, &quot;Oh well, do you know an immigration lawyer who could benefit from this?&nbsp; Is there somebody in your sphere of influence that you&#39;ve talked to that really could use a program that could generate more high value clients and get their income on parity with other specialties?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Well, maybe.&quot;&nbsp;</p> <p> So not only ask them for the sale but if they&#39;re not going to buy then ask them for a referral to somebody and then your friend of a friend you can say, &quot;Hey, I just talked to Joe and Joe suggested that I contact you because I was talking to him about this program to generate more high value immigration clients and help put his income on par with other specialties and Joe told me, &quot;Oh wait a minute.&nbsp; If you&#39;ve got that then you need to speak with Harold.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;And so Harold, that&#39;s why I&#39;m calling you now.&nbsp; Would you like more high margin clients?&nbsp; Would you like a way to get more high margin clients?&nbsp; Would you like increasing your practice income and your income per hour, billable hour, in your practice?&quot;&nbsp;</p> <p> So by doing this you&#39;re going to learn a whole lot faster than by just doing a one webinar after another.&nbsp; And it could very well be that your product is perfect as it is and you can continue selling it, or you might discover that this is going to take you into a whole other direction that you didn&#39;t even know about that you&#39;re able to grow.&nbsp; Does this make sense?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Oh okay.&nbsp; Yeah, so basically what you&#39;re saying is do this to basically learn more about my market and then from that information, I need that information then to figure out how to connect to that market.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:&nbsp; </strong>Yes.&nbsp; So you can get paid immediately because your budget is short.&nbsp; So if you came to me and said you got $100,000, you just sold your practice and you&#39;re retired and you&#39;ve got money to live and you&#39;ve got money to invest in your business, well my advice would probably be different.&nbsp; But because you made it clear that you can&#39;t continue investing and testing and split testing and trying again and pouring a lot of money into this without ROI, well then let&#39;s come up with a&nbsp; model that allows you to get paid immediately and allows you to learn what you need to learn in order to grow this business.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; Well you gave some really valuable nuggets.&nbsp; I want to thank you for that.&nbsp; And then I guess for that then just let&#39;s say I do this then after that explore what would be the best way to create a list.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; You know, in terms of creating a list it&#39;s how would an attorney create a list, immigration attorney?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Doing Pay Per Click, doing blogs, doing videos.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; But where does all that traffic go to in order to generate a list?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Well, that goes to your website with a free offer.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; So there needs to be some sort of lead magnet with an inherent value in order to get somebody to opt in.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Hmm-mm.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Do you have that for legal marketing?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I have that but that can kind of needs to be refined.&nbsp; I think I can -- yeah, I have a few lead magnets, but I guess I&#39;m still like unclear of what -- I was thinking of just doing one thing also in the meantime to focus on, whether it be video or a podcast or something to start generating traffic to send to that lead magnet.&nbsp; Or do you think it&#39;s better to just do all of this exploring and then invest my time?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; So if it came down to taking the next half hour creating a video or taking the next half hour and picking up the phone and talking to an attorney and offering them your product and service, then I think that it would be more productive to pick up the phone and talk to somebody who could actually make a buying decision and buy your thing.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; And that way, like you said, I&#39;m generating money.&nbsp; It&#39;s not my ideal amount, but at least it&#39;s doing something.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Right.&nbsp; And so you have five of these or six of these clients, or even ten of these clients, and now you&#39;re talking to five a week because if they each have a call every other day or every other week, then it&#39;s five a week and now you&#39;ve got all kinds of case studies, examples, and things to talk about on videos.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Right.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And so you&#39;re able to really flesh out a lot that, you know, you&#39;ve got enough for blog posts.&nbsp; See right now everything you would put in a video or a blog post is really coming out of your head or out of your experience.&nbsp; It&#39;s so much more effective to be able to use case studies or client examples or a client story and this gives you a factory for fascinating information.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; Awesome.&nbsp; All right.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; And once you have a few of these then find out from your clients.&nbsp; So, &quot;Hey, do you listen to podcasts?&nbsp; Do you look at videos online?&quot;&nbsp; You can ask them at the end of a call, you know, &quot;Hey, what kind of stuff do you look at in your free time?&quot;&nbsp; And you could do it as part of in the context of a coaching call and try to get, it&#39;s like, &quot;Okay.&nbsp; Well why don&#39;t you look at this video I made talking about marketing.&quot;&nbsp; If they look at the video well then that&#39;s interesting.&nbsp; You know, ask them for feedback.&nbsp; If you send them a free report and they don&#39;t read it well that gives you information as well because now you know that at least one individual in your market prefers a video over a free report.&nbsp;</p> <p> And as you talk to more of your clients and find more information you can then start making assumptions based on the little handful of people that you have.&nbsp; And now you&#39;re learning something making decisions based on at least, you know, while it&#39;s scant information it&#39;s at least some input rather than just Robert&#39;s guess from Tallahassee who&#39;s never marketed to immigration attorneys before.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Right.&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp; Awesome.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; You and I could come up with a long list of ideas, but by talking to your clients and finding out what media they&#39;re actually paying attention to at least a handful of them then now it gives you something at least for your little handful of clients would be interested in looking at.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Right.&nbsp; Right.&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; And I give them my product as part of committing to the program for whatever amount of time.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; What were you selling your product for?</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; I was selling it for $497.&nbsp; I think that might be too high.&nbsp; So I was thinking of lowering to $297.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; If you wanted to you could consider raising your price to $297 or something and that way you get for the six-month program, then there&#39;s $200 for the two calls that you&#39;re getting and then there&#39;s -- because whether it&#39;s $100 or $150 a call it probably doesn&#39;t make any difference and now you&#39;re also kind of selling your product.&nbsp; But that&#39;s just a thought.&nbsp;</p> <p> But the other thing is consider whether or not actually doing the websites for them and that sort of thing would be helpful.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Yeah.&nbsp; I think a lot will be learned just talking to a few people about what they want and that like you said maybe they&#39;ll just take me in a whole different direction.&nbsp; So I think I might even start off with a lower price like maybe even $50 for the first client or two just to get my foot in the game.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Well, they don&#39;t know that you&#39;re new to this, right?&nbsp; They don&#39;t know that you just talked to Robert and he thought up this.&nbsp; So don&#39;t, you know, it may be smart to discount it for the right client, but don&#39;t sell yourself short just because this is the first client.&nbsp; They don&#39;t know that they&#39;re your first client.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Right.&nbsp; Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; My first full day coaching client was $10,000 a day.&nbsp; My current coaching rate is $8,500, but that first client, I don&#39;t know 12 years ago had no idea that he was my first client and he was the first one to pay $10,000.&nbsp; But it was all about the way I positioned myself, the way I promised what I promised that he would get at the end of it, and he walked away very, very happy with everything and more than I had promised him.&nbsp; And so he was perfectly content and he never -- to this day he doesn&#39;t know that he was the first.&nbsp; And so your first client, whether they&#39;re paying $200 or $300 or $2,000 a month doesn&#39;t know that they&#39;re your first and doesn&#39;t need to.&nbsp; Let&#39;s not tell them.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Okay.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; So if you want to discount you can but there&#39;s no reason to just because you&#39;re new.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Uh-huh.&nbsp; All right.&nbsp; Well, thank you so much Robert.&nbsp; You gave a lot of really valuable nuggets and I really appreciate it.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; Awesome.&nbsp; Well I&#39;m happy to speak with you and as you have additional questions and you&#39;re implementing and you need something I absolutely welcome you to reach out to me.</p> <p> <strong>Kashik:</strong>&nbsp; Thank you.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong>&nbsp; All right.&nbsp; Thank you.&nbsp; So with that, if you have any questions that you would like to get in on the call go ahead and hit *1 on your phone.&nbsp; *1 gets you into the game and lets you ask your questions.&nbsp; So the next Jump Start Coaching call is actually going to be on August 20th and so if you weren&#39;t able to ask your question here and you would like to ask a question, certainly happy to speak to you on September 20.&nbsp;</p> <p> And we have a neat Best Practices call coming up on September 13, which is all about marketing, but through the lens of the best direct marketers and the direct response marketers from history.&nbsp; So it&#39;s a fascinating look at what&#39;s working today and what worked 100 years ago so that you can see what are the timeless principles within the current technology because even if you -- I was looking at some of the best converting ads on Facebook that are generating hundreds of product buyers a day through a Facebook ad.&nbsp; I was looking at those just today and if you go back and look at ads they are more similar to the ads of 100 years ago than they are of anything else.&nbsp; And yet it&#39;s on Facebook.&nbsp; So we&#39;re going to go through that and talk about that on September 13th.&nbsp; That call will be at 3:00 Eastern/noon Pacific.&nbsp;</p> <p> And so your Jump Start call will be on September 20th.&nbsp; So with that we&#39;ll go ahead and wrap up today&#39;s call.&nbsp; I want to thank Rolando, and I want to thank Kashik and appreciate you guys for asking questions.&nbsp; And also thank you to Stephanie, our great operator/moderator of today&#39;s call.&nbsp; And we&#39;ll talk to you next month, September 20th, on your Jump Start Coaching call.&nbsp;</p> </div> Thu, 15 Dec 2016 19:46:38 GMT Dan Kennedy's November 2016 No B.S. Information Marketing Special Report <div class="assets"> <div class="facebook-like"> <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="height: 24px; width: 100%; margin-bottom:1.5em" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> </div> <h3>Resources</h3> <ol> <li> <a class="" href="/community/news-and-updates/download/L2ZpbGVzL2FjY291bnRzL2ltYS9hc3NldHMvZmlsZXMvZGFuLWtlbm5lZHktaW5mby1sZXR0ZXIvSUwxNjExLU5vdl9JbmZvbGV0dGVyLnBkZg%3D%3D" title="IL1611-Nov_Infoletter.pdf">IL1611-Nov_Infoletter.pdf</a> </li> </ol> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> Dan Kennedy&#39;s November No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter was jammed packed with resources to help you build your information marketing business.&nbsp;</p> <p> Here is a quick summary of the topics included:</p> <ul> <li> Amazon opening four MORE brick &#39;n morar bookstores, what does it mean for information marketers?</li> <li> Gold in the old</li> <li> Are you a land owner or a sharecropper</li> <li> The ALL go lame</li> <li> The long arm of the law</li> </ul> <p> As a member of the Information Marketing Association you are welcome to download the attached PDF file.&nbsp; This page is active through February 28, 2017.</p> </div> Thu, 15 Dec 2016 19:40:58 GMT Past Success Can Predict Future Results <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-64979"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1609-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> While so much of the information marketing business is positioned as new, what we promote and deliver has been done for centuries. Over the last century there&rsquo;ve been six pioneers with extraordinarily good results whose methods have been well documented. This program will be focused on the timeless principles that have worked over the last century and work today.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Thu, 15 Dec 2016 19:33:37 GMT July 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-64205"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQUp1bHkyMDE2SnVtcFN0YXJ0Lm1wMw%3D%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching call. I'm so happy to have you here today. I'm Robert Skrob, the President of the Information Marketing Association. If you'd like to ask a question, all you need to do is hit *1 on your phone. *1 gets you into the queue that way you can ask your question. We take questions in the order received. Our calls often go I don&rsquo;t know, man, 45 minutes to an hour or even more. We've had calls that have lasted two hours, and other times we wrap up in 15-20 minutes or even less sometimes depending on what's going on. So it is up to you and your questions. </p> <p>There's quite a few of you on the line and very often it takes a little bit of prodding and even last month I almost ended up ending the call and then I had a couple of folks that were jumping in, clambering to ask a question and that kind of started a whole windfall of questions. So to get in your questions now just hit *1 on your phone to get yourself into the queue. </p> <p>One of the things that I've been really focused on with the info marketers that I've been working with is something I'm kind of naming at the moment transformation, or transformational marketing. </p> <p>What I see so many folks doing is focusing on what they have to deliver and talking about, &quot;I've got this product,&quot; or &quot;I've got this membership site and it's got these modules,&quot; and I was actually just talking with someone today that's got a membership site and he's got all kinds of training videos in helping you in this area. </p> <p>He's got a tool that you can put in information and it gives you back a dedicated plan for what you're trying to accomplish. And then he's got this other system. And the whole site is really more about what he has instead of on what the problems that that system could solve. </p> <p>So I see it over and over again that you get so focused on delivering a tool versus a solution, and whether that tool is a coaching program and we'll talk on an ongoing basis or a seminar and you can come here and I'm going to reveal x-y-z, or it's a product and you're going to buy this and you're going to have access to these tools and templates, whatever it is that you are offering as an information product it's critical that when you offer it you focus on the problems that your product solves rather than on what you are delivering. Does that make sense? </p> <p>It makes all the difference in the world related to results; also it makes a magical difference when the customer actually joins. </p> <p>One of the things that we did with Ken Hardison and his business, and he serves attorneys who are in the personal injury space, and one of the things we figured out was shoot, attorneys that are brand new that are a solo practice they have very different types of questions and problems than do attorneys that have larger firms that once they have an associate then they have a much different set of problems than maybe the attorney who has a firm administrator. And they've got a very separate set of problems than in a law firm that maybe have multiple offices. </p> <p>So as you move forward in your business it's critical that you focus on your target customer and the problems you solve versus figuring out all this stuff about what you're going to deliver, is it going to have bonuses, is it going to have different toolkits, or what's going to be involved, instead always focus on what you're going to deliver and how the solution is. </p> <p>The key is when you focus this way and think through this now it makes it so much easier to deliver because you brought them in with a particular problem that they have. If you're going to focus on a problem you're going to focus on their most important problem and now because you brought them in with a problem then you're able to focus on how to get them solving that problem as quickly as possible. And that's what makes all the difference. </p> <p>So if I for some reason sell you let's say a library of online videos then when you come on I don't necessarily know what you want out of that library. I don't know what would benefit you. And so instead I say, &quot;Here's the library. Come on in.&quot; And now it becomes difficult for me to motivate you. But if I know that you have a specific problem then I can say, &quot;Hey, you got this problem it hurts doesn't it? It irritates you because of this or that.&quot; </p> <p>Maybe you're trying to learn how to speak and I have this whole library of speaking resources and how it's going to help you learn how to speak, well if you come in and I don't know exactly what type of speech you're trying to do, are you trying to sell, is this something you're doing internally, is this something you're doing at the industry association, then I don't know exactly how to motivate you. </p> <p>If it's speaking to sales and it's, &quot;Hey, you got this opportunity coming up to sell, you could either make a little bit of money or a lot of money. Do you want to waste this opportunity or do you want to maximize it? If you want to maximize it then go here and this will help you get started.&quot; </p> <p>So by being able to focus clearly on the problem not only do you have increased conversion but you also have increased engagement which then leads to long-term retention. So a lot of times folks are like, &quot;Oh man, if I focus on a particular problem it's really going to narrow down who I'm able to speak with.&quot; But what you find when you actually implement this is that it actually expands the number of customers that you can keep because you are more problem focused versus on your product focus. </p> <p>Again, this is all your time. If you would like to ask a question and get in the queue just hit *1 on your phone. And our first question comes from David in North Carolina. How are you David? Good to hear from you. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> I appreciate all that you've been writing on retention and I'm working on retention, but I'm still struggling with retention. So let me tell you what I've done that you pointed us to so far. I am measuring, so I've got flat growth I'm probably adding 5-6 people to my monthly membership program every month, but I lose about the same number every month and I've been flat for about a year. </p> <p>So I redid my welcome letter much along the lines that we learned about in the online training program that you did a couple of months ago and I think I have a really good welcome letter now. Now I just published it so a lot of people haven't gotten this yet, but we're just sending it out now so we just started that. I also redid my newsletter and I spent some time with Shaun Buck and read his book, you know, I had a crummy newsletter so now I got a hard copy newsletter which I think has good content in it. It's about -- what you're talking about right now it's about solving problems that they have. And then I do a monthly coaching call like this with my group. </p> <p>And I also do a monthly interview that I send out much like you do. So that's in a nutshell my program. </p> <p>What would you do if you were measuring your retention, you saw you were flat, or where would you point me and you saw that you've got some long-time people but the average person tends to join 2 to 4 months and then says, you know, they're really just not able to use it. They're busy and they're just not going to continue. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> One of the things that I would really want to look at is kind of where in that member life cycle are they quitting. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> At 2 to 4 months. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> But are they implementing and they feel like they have accomplished what they want to accomplish or are they not getting started? </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> I don't think they're really getting started. I think, you know, if you remember back when we originally talked about this, a lot of people come to me through a training class which is three months long and then I upsell them into this monthly program. About half the people that enroll in the training program actually do it and they really like it. </p> <p>I get good feedback and those are the people that tend to convert because I have coaching calls with them and it's going really well, so they convert to the Insider's Circle program. But I think as soon as those coaching calls are kind of over and now it's up to you to join the monthly coaching group call like we're doing right now that people just sort of, you know, because I'm not pestering them to have a meeting they just sort of fall off the map. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> One of the smartest things that I learned when I joined Weight Watchers was the very first thing that happens when you join is they set a goal with you. And so it's hi, they get your name and then you stand on a scale and then they take your money and kind of get you set up and give you a little welcome book and they say, &quot;We recommend that you set as your first goal losing 10% of your body weight.&quot; </p> <p>And when I joined I was 235 so that was 23 pounds. And you know at my height that was not my, you know, getting me down to 202 would not have been still my healthy weight, or ideal weight or anything, but it was an incremental goal that allowed me to focus on accomplishing something versus on all the hassles and challenges and frustrations of trying to get from here to there. </p> <p>Do you happen to have a -- is part of your coaching calls are you working with them to set goals around this? </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Well, the coaching calls are in the training class, so the training class is a particular sales process that they're learning and there is a very specific goal to that training class. And then the Insider's Circle program is meant to kind of keep them building and improving the metrics that they would have set in that training class. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Are they creating something as specific as a weight loss goal? </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Yes. What it is is they're learning a particular presentation and how to -- most of them are selling like what's called an IT services or managed services program to manage a small business computing department kind of thing. So there's this little assessment that we do that builds the justification for getting that client to buy the managed service program. </p> <p>So in the class I'm teaching them how to get an opportunity to go through this assessment with the client and then how to conduct that assessment with the client. So those are the three coaching calls that I do during the training class. And usually they have kind of got a cursory idea but they're not very good at it at that point. </p> <p>So if I'm listening to you and I'm hearing what you're saying it would make sense and actually it says in my welcome letter that I want you to really perfect and have one more call that is part of the Insider's Circle and then perfect this presentation. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> What about helping them set a specific sales goal of what they want to sell. So just like in Weight Watchers in order for me to be able to lose weight I had to learn how to plan my meals, I had to learn what to eat, not to eat, I had to learn the relative calories or points and so I think that's kind of what your sales system is. So there's the learning of that, but then there's the execution of that to the point where they actually sell and meet their goals. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Yeah. So I could set a goal for instance to set up a certain number of meetings and convert those to business, let's say set up 10 meetings over the next two months and convert half of them to business, something like that? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. So that there is a fire in them. The answer is there's a lot of these types of things that you'll want to do, but this one I think was the one that I don't remember hearing in your system, but if as part of one of these coaching calls, you know, with your membership I could do something like I could ask you how many members are you at now? &quot;Okay, well that's very good. Good job for growing because you certainly have been working hard and I'm proud of you for that. Where do you want your membership to be at the end of the year?&quot; &quot;Okay, well that's a good number and certainly we can see that from what you're doing you're not yet going to reach that, but what I want to do is really help you through this program, help you generate the membership numbers that you want to hit.&quot; So you kind of can flip it with yours. &quot;All right. How many sales are you making? What are your metrics? What are your success metrics? And where do you want to be?&quot; And then make the alumni or your ongoing program about hitting those numbers. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Yeah. I can certainly visualize here, like I could even create a little form that I send out to them to track the number -- they're selling long-term managed contracts so it's almost like membership, you know, it's numbers of companies they're managing so we could say, &quot;How many companies do you have under contract right now?&quot; &quot;Well, I got 25.&quot; You know, &quot;How many do you really want to have by the end of say a year?&quot; &quot;Well, I'd like to have 50.&quot; &quot;Okay. So let's set that goal and let's use this process and start to measure.&quot; Is that what you're saying? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> yeah. And I don't know whether or not if automating it off the top is the right way to go or if you would want to incorporate some of that into your coaching calls so that you can learn kind of what they're saying and doing and how to use it. </p> <p>I think eventually even being able to make that language part of what you talk about, so if I was in Weight Watchers I would talk about how wonderful it's going to feel -- most people are going to Weight Watchers because there's a specific event that they want to lose weight for, and the people at Weight Watchers figure out what that event is and then keep talking about it's going to be so awesome. You're going to look great at your daughter's wedding, or you're going to look great at that reunion, or you're going to look great at your wedding. </p> <p>So rather than me being so focused on giving up bear tracks ice cream or moose tracks ice cream, whatever it's called I'm instead my attention is on how good I'm going to look at my daughter's wedding. </p> <p>And I think that's what you want to do with your membership communication is keep them focused on their goal and their desired outcome so that they get excited about that, and then learning your process, going through these things then when you're focused on your goal you care a whole lot less about all of the pain and all the frustration or anxiety or the learning pains that you have to go through in order to get there. And so as much as possible let's get them focused on their desired outcomes. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Yeah, okay, that makes a lot of sense. I'm sort of thinking through ways that I could implement that but I think that's a great idea. I could actually use the third coaching call in the class -- or actually the first coaching call to set the goal and then when we've had our three calls it's easier to say now, you know, we want to get to that goal by the end of the year. I can help you do that. Stay in the Insider's Circle program. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So what this is all about is helping you, we talked a lot about the how to and now it's using that in order to achieve your outcome and I can't wait. And then one of the things you talk about in your newsletter, that's one of the things that I figured out a long time ago that has really served me is that the newsletter is about the members. And so you don't necessarily talk about you but you talk about what outcomes your members are receiving and getting and what's happening in their lives. </p> <p>And you make your newsletter into, you know, kind of like the People Magazine of your little world because all these people are, you know, really nobody understands how to sell these high end subscriptions installations like other people who are selling these high end subscription installations. And so me understanding that what other people are doing and how they're succeeding or what's going on is extremely valuable because it's probably the only place in the world where people are talking about this. </p> <p>And so by you featuring people who are accomplishing their goals it certainly sells your system. It gives recognition to the people who have worked for months learning your system and implement it and it gives hope and ambition to the people who are trying to implement it and haven't yet. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And maybe it gives a kick in the butt to those who want to are sitting on the sidelines and haven't implemented anything. And so by capturing their goal and then keeping that in front of them and I don't know if you have a forum or a Facebook page where people are posting that sort of thing and then coming back and reporting or if you want to make that part of your coaching calls where you're asking them for goals and outcomes and success stories and then you can talk about it on the coaching call where you can go, &quot;David in North Carolina, he grew his membership this month. He had at the beginning of the year that he was going to get to X-number of members and by golly it's October and he's already gotten there. Great job David I'm so proud of you.&quot; </p> <p>And then you go on with whatever you were going to do in the coaching call. So that inspiration to those who aren't yet doing it and it makes the guy who you just recognized feel like a million bucks because his wife thinks he works too hard, doesn't get enough respect at the office, his boss doesn't think he works hard enough, he doesn't have anywhere to turn and if you're able to give them inspiration and recognition then that's what is really going to help drive that. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Yeah. All right. Yeah, good that makes a lot of sense. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Awesome. Anything else? </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Well, let me implement some of those things and report back. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Sounds great. Now I've seen your letter haven't I a few months ago? </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> You did, but I redid it completely so I'll be happy to send you another one if you'd like to take a look at it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> I would be happy to. Send it over whenever it's convenient. Happy to take a look at it, and also as you implement the goals feel free to send anything like that that you'd like -- a technique that I've been using quite a bit with clients and so would love to hear how you've been able to implement that. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Okay. Will do it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right David. Great chatting with you. </p> <p><strong>David:</strong> Thank you. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And if you would like to ask me a question, quite a few of you on the line, all you need to do is hit *1 and that gets you into the queue to ask your question. And I think that that's an interesting opportunity. See now when you are flipping your membership instead of you offering benefits or offering a service or access to certain tools and instead you're focused on solving a problem, now all of a sudden you can take goals around that problem and help them monitor those goals until they've got that solution. </p> <p>And so kind of going back to what I started with at the top of the call, going to, you know, thinking of yourself as a problem solver and that your membership and process is a path to solve a problem completely changes everything. And then as you have folks that are solving that problem and achieving those results they are going to feel great about it and they're going to want to share those results, they're going to engage with other people that have had similar outcomes and similar experiences and that's where the community really kicks in. </p> <p>Before folks have had a positive outcome the community isn't really as strong because there's not this shared vision or shared pain or shared process or experience that they've gone through. It's really only after you've helped them solve a problem, overcome an obstacle that they now have they're kind of invested in this and they're open and interested to and engaging. </p> <p>If you'd like to jump in, and I know there's quite a few of you that are on the line, if you'd like to ask a question -- I kind of do a last call -- just hit *1 to get yourself in the queue and you can certainly ask your question. And if you're not able to get your question asked but you think of a question that you want to ask no worries we have another Jump Start Coaching call coming up on August 16 at 3:00 Eastern/Noon Pacific and we'd be happy to chat with you at that time and answer any questions that you have then. So with that I think we'll go ahead and wrap up today's call. </p> <p>Thanks David so much for your question. Anyone else feel free, you can send me an email if you have a question in the meantime, or I'll chat with you on August 16th at 3:00 Eastern/Noon Pacific. Thank you very much. I look forward to chatting with you soon. </p> </div> Thu, 01 Sep 2016 22:58:37 GMT Harnessing Today’s Subscription Trend <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-64189"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1608-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>There has been an explosion within the subscription industry in recent years. While information marketers have taken advantage of the mass acceptance in recent years there&rsquo;s been tremendous growth outside of the industry. This program will focus on bringing insights from large multi-million-dollar subscription businesses to you. I&rsquo;m speaking with Kathy Greenler Sexton of, the premiere news site for the subscription industry.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Thu, 01 Sep 2016 22:50:01 GMT June 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-63895"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQUp1bmUyMDE2SnVtcFN0YXJ0Lm1wMw%3D%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>Robert: Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. I'm so happy to have you here today. I'm Robert Skrob, the President of the Information Marketing Association and you can jump into the line to ask your question by hitting *1, that gets you into the queue to ask a question today. </p> <p>Today's Jump Start call is all about you and answering your questions, helping you in your business, helping remove any roadblocks you have, helping you find clarity amongst all the options and choices that you have. And then also to help move your business forward. On these calls I help folks find the right market, I've helped folks identify the best way to launch, I've helped them figure out how to do a new product, how to launch coaching programs, how to launch events, you name it we have been going over all of those things over the last nine years that we've been doing Jump Start Coaching calls like this every single month. </p> <p>So if you have a question all you need to do is hit *1 on your phone and that gets you into the queue. These calls last sometimes we wrap up in 10 or 15 minutes if there's just a couple of calls and other times we can go for an hour, and heck we've gone for a couple of hours at times with everybody that has dialed in to ask a question. And it's actually kind of neat, so just hit *1, that gets you into the queue. </p> <p>It made me think as I was kind of going through that the second edition of my book, The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing that was published in 2011, the way that that book was written was I went through probably at that time about four years' worth of Jump Start Coaching call recordings and I wrote down all the questions that were asked and I wrote down my responses. Then I organized all of that into a book and that's how that book got started and launched. I don't know if you've read that book, but there's five ways to launch your business, there's all about where all the money comes from in the information marketing business, there's all about how to help ascend your client and maximize lifetime member value, all that and more in that book and it's really quite remarkable that that was born out of these Jump Start Coaching calls. So this is certainly my favorite time of the month, my favorite thing to do with you in order to answer your questions. </p> <p>So I know there's quite a few of you on the line. Sometimes you can be reluctant to go ahead and ask a question. I encourage you to do so anyway, or just let me know that you want to chit chat about what your idea is. Just hit *1 on your phone and that gets you into the queue so that you can ask your question. </p> <p>One of the things that has really been pivotal as I have been working with folks on their marketing is that every communication that you are making to your member needs to be about the transformation. So much of the time as an information marketer we are creating sales letters and sales materials that are very focused on this is what you get out of this program. You're going to be able to do this and you're going to be able to do that and you're going to have all these great outcomes. And then when we deliver the product we give them the training, this is what you have to do, and we don't continue to have that conversation and provide that training within the context of the transformation that they're trying to receive or the outcome they want in their life. And what we do is we give them 87 things to do as a result of receiving the training without also giving them the motivation of what are the wonderful things that are going to happen for them because they have gotten the training. </p> <p>The other piece of it is, and I actually learned this from Dan Kennedy, you know, I was preparing, we have a monthly call and talk about, oh we're going to have this guest and this guest does this and come on. And Dan was like geez, you're going to have to promote it a whole lot better than that if you want somebody to come. And in fact, you have to promote it as well as you would if it was something that they were paying for each time. And so each and every content item that you publish as a benefit to your members that they pay for you have to build the value in that content item so that they will take the time away from everything that they're doing and all of their life's priorities and go wow, this is something I really ought to pay attention to. I would often see that within my marketing when I made the effort to really promote it and promote the outcomes that people would receive then all of a sudden I would get better results and more people would show up and participate. And then when I took a month off and didn't promote a piece of content that they were receiving then suddenly I would see that they weren't getting results. </p> <p>Also, I had a conversation today with somebody who has a membership program and she was telling me that man, you know, my members just say they don't have time to participate or they don't have time to come to events, or they don't have time to engage in the materials that we're sending out as an association. And while they're saying they don't have time what that means is that based on the information you have provided they've made the decision that what you are sending is less important than everything else they are doing in their lives because I can promise you if they got a flat tire today they would have time to put on a spare, go to the repair shop and get it repaired or replaced. They would have the time for that. If they got sick they would have the time to go to the doctor. So these things they are making time for the things that they're making time that they have determined are important. And if what you have can really and truly change their life then you've got to build the value in the outcome so that they will put aside everything else that they're doing so that they can engage in what you have. </p> <p>Like for instance, say you're selling a weight loss opportunity, not just like any other transformation that you might be selling, but of course if somebody is overweight knowing how to eat right and exercise could be of immense value to them. It could even be that by your sales message they get so riled up that they read it and they buy. Then they receive it and there is all these things and they're, awh man, I'm going to have to change this and I know for me I didn't like giving up Cuban sandwiches. I really like Cuban sandwiches and I really don't like the idea of not eating them, you know, once a week or so. But what finally happened is my goal for living healthier became bigger than the frustration and anxiety about giving something up. And when you are selling information, being a coach, delivering a seminar, delivering a training, if you expect somebody to make a positive change in their life chances are there is a whole bunch of beliefs, traditions, things that they have already been doing in their life that are fairly entrenched and in order for you, it's one thing for you to get them to buy what you are offering it's a whole other thing for them to actually implement it. And if you want them to implement it you've got to raise the stakes and continue to paint the picture of what life will be like after they've implemented your solution and do that with each and every piece of content that you are delivering. </p> <p>So if there's any way I can transform your life and your business here today just hit *1, that gets you into the queue, and what we can do for you is help bring clarity if there's a number of options that you've been trying to figure out or help you along the way with finding the next step. If you've got some ideas but don't really know exactly what you should do next or help you identify which would be your best niche or market if you've got a few different markets that you have been considering or thinking about, or anything else that you've been trying to do in your business. You just hit *1 and that gets you into the queue. And we'll leave the line open for a moment or two and see how many questions that you have or what I can do for you and then we'll go from there. </p> <p>It has been a pretty neat thing over the last several months working specifically with membership programs and one of the things that I have found is that the programs that are focused on actually delivering transformations for their members they not only get better retention, but they also get higher frontend sales. Customers buy from them more often and because they've become very clear about exactly what they do and how they impact their members, and the outcome their members can expect, that not only does retention improve, but their new member sales improve as well. </p> <p>Well, we'll give you just one more final call. Just hit *1 if you would like to ask a question. I know there's a bunch of you on the line and certainly happy to help and provide any input and support that I can for you. As this is our Jump Start Coaching call we are focused really on this program about helping you with your questions and answering anything that I can do for you in your business. So just hit *1 and that will get you into the queue to ask a question. If you don't get your question asked during this call our next call is going to be in July on July 19 and it's going to be at 3:00 Eastern or Noon Pacific, either one, and that way you can certainly jump in ask any questions or anything like that that you have at that time. There again, we will be back here on July 19 at 3:00 p.m. and we'll go from there. </p> <p>The other thing is your Best Practices in Information Marketing call is going to be on July 12 at 3:00 Eastern, Noon Pacific, and we're also going to talk a lot about membership programs at that time and how you could grow really memberships very specifically. </p> <p>So with that it's about -- okay, wait a minute we actually do have somebody who has jumped into the queue and we'll go ahead and get your name and information and that way we're able to help you and help your business grow. So go ahead in the meantime just make sure you've got July 12th on your calendar for your Best Practices in Information Marketing call at 3:00 Eastern, Noon Pacific and then put your Jump Start Coaching call there on the 19th at 3:00 Eastern. And if you have a question that you would like the answer to or just want input or advice then just hit *1 on your phone. In the meantime, we'll go to Greg in Maryland. Welcome Greg.</p> <p>Greg: Just getting started with my information marketing business. I'm a real estate investor. I have a meet up that I meet with a group of investors once a month for about the last two or three years. In terms of my first product I do videotape my meetings and they're on various topics in terms of my first product can I just burn the videotape to a DVD and sell that, or how would I go about the first product? </p> <p>Robert:  Thank you very much for your question Greg. Great to meet with you. What would be the outcome of somebody watching that meet up? </p> <p>Greg: It would help them in getting started with investing in real estate. </p> <p>Robert: Okay. </p> <p>Greg: A lot of novice investors are kind of fearful of investing, so I do this free met up just to give free information. It also gives me leads, so it brings the leads to me in terms of me buying properties, but it gives them the information in order to get started investing in real estate. </p> <p>Robert: Okay. If you were able to put together a lesson or by putting together three or four of those or five or six, or however number, then most certainly that there is an opportunity to reuse that content and what you've done in order to publish that as some sort of product. So the format isn't as important as being able to position it for the member or the buyer as to what they're going to get as a result. Not necessarily get in terms of video, but what's the transformation that they could have in their life. Can they go from where they are to buying a property? Does this help them identify becoming an investor is right for them? Does this help them maybe with one type of investing? So whatever is the outcome be focused on delivering outcomes for people rather than content and then certainly if you've got content that you can recycle in order to produce that then by all means. </p> <p>Greg: And should I also have some type of booklet or handout along with that? </p> <p>Robert: It certainly doesn't hurt, but it doesn't matter one way or the other. I think the more you're able to -- I would probably be on the side of okay, if I was a notice investor what would be helpful and useful in having me go from being a novice to becoming an investor and then what are the steps that I need to take along the way to get there. And if you could do that simply by watching that video then that's fine. If printed materials, manuals or something like that would be helpful to deliver that outcome that's fine too. I guess I'm not too concerned about exactly what the content is as long as it clearly delivers what you're promising the outcome will be. </p> <p>Greg: Okay. All right. And should I put that into like a series of video, DVDs? For example, I have one video of for example wholesaling real estate and then another of flipping real estate, and then another of buying and holding being a landlord, so should I put those in a series or try to sell those individually? </p> <p>Robert: So would those give me a new skill? With like playing tennis, if I don't know how to play tennis and you teach me backhand or even forehand or you teach me serving, does that teach me tennis? Or is there kind of like an overall sort of piece that has to come together in order to make it work? </p> <p>Greg: Well, overall in terms of learning the different aspects of tennis or the different aspects of real estate investing. And then from there you can choose which type if not all that you want to go into. </p> <p>Robert: Okay. So if the outcome is we're going to detail five of the types of real estate investing and that way you can at the end of it you will know what you're able -- then yes, I think then that sounds like a perfectly fine product. </p> <p>Greg: Okay. </p> <p>Robert: More than anything you just focus around making sure that you have a promised outcome and that your product clearly delivers that outcome for your client. Beyond that whether they are videos or printed or manuals or videos and manuals all that's based on whatever you feel delivers that outcome the best. </p> <p>Greg: Okay. Thank you so much. </p> <p>Robert: Awesome. Great chatting with you Greg, and keep in touch I look forward to hearing how things work out. </p> <p>Greg: Thank you. </p> <p>Robert: All right. So if you would like to jump in the call we'll do a last call, just hit *1 on your phone to get in the queue to ask your question and then we'll wrap up from there. Again, if you don't have the dates on your calendar then July 19 is going to be your next Jump Start Coaching call where you can phone in with questions. And then July 12th is the next Best Practices in Information Marketing call. So with that I guess we'll go ahead and wrap up since we don't have anybody else in the queue at the moment. Thank you very much for calling in today and participating in today's Jump Start Coaching call. I hope you have a fabulous Fourth of July with your family, and I look forward to talking with you next time. </p> <p>Oh actually, it looks like we do have -- Fred, are you still on the line </p> <p>Fred: I'm still here. I couldn't let you go. </p> <p>Robert: All right Fred. We'll get you in the last minute. I just saw that you popped through. </p> <p>Fred: Yeah. I'm a CPA and I specialize in providing tax reduction and audit protection strategies for realtors, and I do coaching, you know, one-on-one coaching and I'm going to do some of that through webinars or teleseminars. But I was wondering, my question is I've been struggling is what kind of a benefit can I provide if I do like a membership program for somebody. I'm struggling with what kind of an ongoing benefit I might provide to get people that would be valuable for people to sign up for that? Do you have any ideas? </p> <p>Robert: And so the key would be around your core market, the real estate professionals? </p> <p>Fred: Well, I specialize in dealing with realtors just because that's my business model because I can reach them and so forth and learn how to talk to them. But then I'm wondering is there some kind of a benefit I could provide that they would want to have and sign up for an ongoing membership program. </p> <p>Robert: All right. So what you want to start with is the member and that's these real estate professionals. And think through what they really need in their lives in order to help them grow. What direction are they trying to head? What are they trying to accomplish and how can we help them get there? It's really the core of where we want to start our thinking. And with real estate professionals they are typically out on their own, yeah they have an office, but the type of support, you know, they're not getting any of this type of support out of that brokerage office. And what is it that they need in order to operate their little business and move forward? </p> <p>Fred: Right. One of the things I'm going to do for another program is do like a focus group and talk to them and find out maybe dig down into get some responses from them of what they feel their needs are, but I know most realtors aren't sophisticated in terms of tax or even in terms of business, they're lousy record keepers. That's what I've identified so far as the needs that they have that I could help them fulfill. I like your concept of transformation, help them transform their lives so they're confident that they're dealing with these issues and they can concentrate on other things in their business. </p> <p>Robert: I even think that a lot of these folks, I mean the folks that are interested in keeping up with their books and running a business aren&rsquo;t typically the ones that become real estate professionals. </p> <p>Fred: Right. </p> <p>Robert: And they most often really hate this sort of thing. So I wonder if even your membership if it would be more valuable to flip this into some sort of subscription around a package of services that you could provide and make this about giving them their freedom back, you know, freedom from high taxes, freedom from paper work burdens, freedom from red tape, freedom from fines and late payments, freedom from interest overcharges, and have these are the processes and then you make this about helping them pull together everything they need in a year. </p> <p>Fred: That's a very interesting concept a subscription program that offers them services because they're a lot more opportunities to provide online bookkeeping and so forth that I could then help them to keep implementing and like monitor that every month on a subscription basis and help them manage taxes on a subscription, set up a program to do that like over the internet. </p> <p>Robert: And have an ongoing -- I mean I think if these folks were interested in receiving information about taxes or updates then they wouldn't have become real estate professionals. </p> <p>Fred: Right. </p> <p>Robert: But they don't want to have to deal with it and they certainly don't want there to be any embarrassing mistakes or any fines or aggravation around it and if you could create a monthly program that was a couple hundred bucks or a few hundred bucks a month that provided them their business return, maybe even their personal return, you know, figure out if that makes sense or not, and then do other pieces around the bookkeeping or reconciliations or different sorts of returns and you'd know what they were. And if they gave you their closings and send you their check stubs on a monthly basis then that would give you everything you needed in order to make that happen for them. </p> <p>Fred: All right. So that's kind of like a membership program, but it's more built around offering some services rather than just providing information. </p> <p>Robert: And that's kind of where you're trying to get anyway is to be the service provider. It's just pricing it on a per month basis rather than trying to have to resell them once a year. </p> <p>Fred: Right. </p> <p>Robert: And then it's also it doesn't really take very many clients till you have a nice little monthly thing coming in without having to go get it. You're adding a couple of them every month and the thing grows. Now, in terms of the membership aspect, every good membership has a mission and so this would all be about protecting realtors, real estate professionals from high taxes, all the wage and hour laws and aggravations, all the IRS gotchas that are built in to the tax law and how you're helping provide all of these things. And it's you've been frustrated in a way that folks trying to take advantage of real estate professionals and how closing agents aren't looking out for you and certainly all the different marketing companies that are looking for money aren't looking out for you, but you can help them know what they're doing. </p> <p>Now the other thing is it would be interesting to consolidate -- how many real estate professionals have you done tax returns for? How many different people? </p> <p>Fred: Well, probably I don't know, 50 people a year. </p> <p>Robert: Okay. </p> <p>Fred: I have real estate clients. </p> <p>Robert: It would be interesting even to consolidate the information and I don't know if you would even be permitted to do this, but like how much money on average are those 50 people spending on marketing? How much in average are they spending on taxes, closing, you know, all the little different things that they're spending money on what are the percentages of commissions that are spent on these different costs, and that would be a pretty interesting report that you could publish. </p> <p>Fred: Oh, so that would be kind of a value-added benefit so as the, I mean like I know ADP does payroll and they've become kind of an HR go-to person for payroll statistics. So yeah, that'd be interesting. </p> <p>Robert: And so they try to publish and say oh well, people are hiring or they give their own -- they know when the Department of Labor stuff is going to come out so they try to beat that by a couple of days with their own numbers. </p> <p>Fred: Yeah, that's very interesting. </p> <p>Robert: For you it's more about being, so your members would not only know what they're spending on stuff, but they'd also have an average. Okay, this is your revenue and expense, but really kind of the first question is is that good? What about it? And you could give them an indication of how they compare to their peers in their community no less. </p> <p>Fred: Okay. So yeah, that's a very good idea. Thank you. </p> <p>Robert: The membership piece would be in that mission so rather than I'm providing services and you're giving me money, the mission is protecting real estate professionals from all these fines and that becomes an essential theme that you're talking about in and amongst everything else you're doing with these folks. </p> <p>Fred: Yes. The passion. </p> <p>Robert: Correct. </p> <p>Fred: Yeah. </p> <p>Robert: Then the other piece is on the recognition side. So if you've got a member publication that featured some of the cool things that different members of your community are doing. So x-y-z realtor had a great year. These are some of the marketing strategies he's using. And l-m-n-o-p realtor is, you know, next month you talk about l-m-n-o-p realtor and so there is a recognition factor where you are helping build a community of folks that work with you and make sure that their stuff is taken care of. </p> <p>Fred: Your tribe so to speak. </p> <p>Robert: Right. Exactly. So you have built around this core of these services, which is what you're trying to sell anyway, and you tribalize it by having a mission, giving recognition, inviting folks to recommend you and refer you to others, giving them a return on investment. </p> <p>Fred: Okay. That's a very good idea. I appreciate your input Robert. </p> <p>Robert: Awesome. Well it's great to chat -- (audio ended) . </p> </div> Fri, 29 Jul 2016 19:42:21 GMT Gamification and the Latest Member Retention Advances in Membership Sites <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-63879"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1607-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>Membership site technology has come a long way since I created my first password protected members-only site in 1996. 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