Information Marketing Association Information Marketing Association Sun, 01 May 2016 00:23:59 GMT February 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62773"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQUZlYnJ1YXJ5MjAxNkp1bXBTdGFydC5tcDM%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. I'm Robert Skrob and I am reporting proof that having a flu shot does not guarantee that you will not get the flu. I have been diagnosed with the flu now and I've got my first Tamiflu dose so if I cough in your ear or sneeze or sound groggy or cranky or any of those things please excuse that. I wanted to make sure that I was here at the appointment time to take your questions. And so if you'd like me to answer your question to help you jumpstart your business and help you with anything you have please hit *1 on your phone. This call is our monthly Jump Start Coaching Call through the Information Marketing Association and frankly it's my favorite call of the month because I get to help members like you move their business forward and answer questions. A lot of times we can really break through obstacles and make sure that you've got the vendors and the support and clarity and what you need in order to grow your business quickly and strong. So just hit *1 on your phone and that gets you into the queue to ask your question. And we'll just take questions in the order that they are received. </p> <p>In terms of this call, sometimes the calls go an hour or longer and other times we wrap up in 20 minutes. It just depends on how many calls we have and what sort of questions we get. So with that you can get into the queue simply by hitting *1 on your phone and we will take our next question which comes from Dave. Welcome Dave. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Hey Robert, it's Dave in Charlotte, North Carolina. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Excellent. Glad to speak to you. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Just to catch up here. I have a couple of questions. One of the struggles here, I went through the class with you and we worked on my letter, my welcome letter. So looking out at over the past 12 months I've added people and I've lost people in the Insider Circle group, you know, my baseline program, and I'm still running at like 50. So for 12 months I've been adding people but I'm losing at the same rate. I'm still even. And so I'm wondering what other things would you recommend that I start to really look at to make this program, you know, without adding a bunch of stuff, what would be highlights that you think, you know, you probably really need to focus on these four or five things to get somewhere. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So what you're talking about is member retention and making sure that the members feel like they're getting so much value that they couldn't possibly consider dropping out of your program. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. I'm starting wonder if it's any or is the market I'm going after just doesn't like this kind of program. Tell me if that's wrong thinking and that just a tweak of the program that would save it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Now the way you are selling it where somebody else is paying for it and then they pick up and then you're kind of looking for the member to stick with it is a particularly challenging onboarding model. Kind of what I've seen is when someone else is paying for it they often don't engage in the same way as if they come out of pocket and pay for it. But the upside of your model as you know is that it's nowhere near as expensive for the participant to get started and you can actually scale up a lot faster and expose your program to a lot more people faster than you would if you were trying to sell it onesie, twosie. So the thinking is that you do have a little higher of a bar in order to get somebody who hasn't paid for this to really care about it and want to engage. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And so your first part of the program you want to really sell this. So no matter who you are and what sort of membership program you have when somebody joins one of the first things you need to do is really resell them on the dream because it's a lot easier to buy a diet program than it is to do a diet program. But if I have like a goal I want to look great in my skinny jeans, and I want to really show up in this great dress and look good, then I will be a lot more motivated to go ahead and do that diet. And the successful diet programs what they start with, really one of the first things they start talking about is resell them on why they wanted to do this diet and keep those goals in front of them. So really one of the first things you want to do when somebody joins this program is g4et them to express why this thing is beneficial to them and what it can really do for them so that you can help them really want to engage and embrace this program and make it personal to people who are doing it not just doing the program because it's free. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Does that make sense? </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. Okay. So I'm sending the letter so what would you do in addition maybe to make that happen tactically? Would there be something else that you would maybe I'm trying to -- well, I'm already on the phone with them because I'm doing the coaching call as part of the class, if you remember they go through the class first, and then I enroll them into the Insider Circle. So I'm already coaching with them on the phone. What would you recommend I either send them, give them, talk to them about or use that coaching call somehow different to make that connection? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So as part of that coaching call, and even part of the class, I would work to make part of that coaching call raising the stakes for participating in this program. So within that coaching call I would include some conversation about, you know, if you are able to implement this program successfully what does it mean for you, your income or your life or what are you looking for, you know, really paint that before and after picture with them so that they're going, &quot;Wow, I can really see how important this is. Thank you. Oh my gosh, this is going to be a real lifesaver.&quot; Does that make sense?</p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And the way you do that, there's a book called <em>Spin Selling</em>. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And what you'll find when you read the book <em>Spin Selling</em> is that S-P-I-N each stand for a different word, but essentially what the process is is so Dave, we're talking today about retention in your membership program,&quot; I'd ask, &quot;How many new members do you get in a month? Well, great. If we're able to just get -- you know, how many of them are you losing in a month? Okay. Well, if we're able to get 10% more to stick how much more money do you get per month because 10% stick?&quot; So I'd get you to calculate that and I'd work with you through that calculation. &quot;Then great. Well, that's not just this month. You get to do that every month, so that actually grows. So in 12 months if you're able to keep 10% more each month how much money is that at the end of 12 months?&quot; And I'd work with you with your numbers, not on a public call but if that's all you got then I'd certainly would either work them through a worksheet that helps them calculate that. If it's a big group public call or work with them as part of it so that you calculate with them exactly what the value is and what you're teaching them. So this is a very big impact. If somebody was going to come to you and offer you x-dollars which is the amount they just said, you know, &quot;What would you be willing to invest in order to get that?&quot; &quot;Oh, I'd be willing to invest Y.&quot; &quot;Great. Well, good news is you don't have to invest that because x-y-z is helping sponsor this program for you and we'll be working towards generating X-result and you know what? As we grow and as you implement this program you might find that you would like as many of our members do would like to invest in the ongoing membership and the investment for that is only Y which you could see is a whole lot less than what you said for yourself you'd be willing to invest in order to get this.&quot; So we've got to really ask them to quantify their pay. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. Okay. Yeah. It sounds like I need to get much more ROI focus in my reselling I guess. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Well, and that certainly is a big part of it, but also the ROI because right now I suspect is you're going right into delivering the training. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Well, yeah, so they sign up for the training, right, and then when they're in the training we start talking about things that they need in addition to basic training to really implement here and that usually requires some resources from the Insider's Circle so they say, &quot;Yeah, okay, add that to my program.&quot; </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> But see they weren't the original ones that bought so they don't have an emotional connection to you yet. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And what you want is you want them to be really seeking you out as like an anecdote, as an anecdote to their problem, as the cure to what is ailing them in their lives. And until they do that then you're really just this, &quot;Oh geez, I got to go and pay attention to these trainings because x-y-z bought this for me and they said it would be valuable.&quot; And this is also one of the things that I'm doing with a lot of folks' programs are so for instance if we sell a training program to a business owner, let's say you sell it to a I don't know, a restaurant, well that restaurant owner came and saw your pitch and got excited about your program and bought. And now that restaurant owner is going to turn around and try to sell their staff on implementing the program. Well, probably when you sold the restaurant owner you told him all that money that he was going to make and how he was going to grow his business, well those messages aren't particularly motivating to the restaurant staff. You know, making the restaurant owner rich is not why they're at the restaurant. And in fact, they kind of resent that a little bit. Whereas, what we're doing is helping now provide a training class strictly for the staff that resells them on the program and how it's going to put more tips in their pocket if they implement the program than if they don't. And how they should thank their boss for introducing this program because it's going to help them make more money than at any other restaurant they could be working at. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And so I think that one of the things I would start with within your program is really teaching them that this is an opportunity that will unlock terrific riches and resources within their life. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Go ahead. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> No, no, that's fine. Yeah. That sounds like the right direction for sure. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Because you've got a terrific advantage. Someone else paid for this and now you're able to roll it out and I just want to make sure that you're not skipping the step of reselling the person who's going through the program at how valuable this program is for them so that they can truly appreciate what they've been handed. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Yes. Okay. Well, I'm going to work on those and I'll probably come back with some clarification questions. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. And feel free to send me something to take a look. Happy to look at it and give you some thoughts. It's all about incorporating it into your curriculum and then incorporating it into the welcome package and the coaching of really ramping up that, you know, making it important in their lives, just like a weight loss coaching has to do is to kind of re-establish the dream, keep that in front of them and so that they stay motivated and feel that this is the most important thing they could be doing. This is so much more important, you know, looking great in the skinny jeans is emotionally more important to me than eating that cinnamon bun. And so I don't even care about the cinnamon bun because in my world looking great in those jeans is way more important, or living this healthy lifestyle is way more important than the emotional gain I might get from eating that bowl of ice cream. And so what you need to do within the first couple of weeks of your program, it's kind of nice you actually have maybe a couple of weeks where you've got their attention, whereas in a normal sales process you would be kind of fighting against everything, so you've kind of been handed this opportunity to get their attention, so during that time you need to get them emotionally invested in your program so that this becomes more important than anything else they could have going on on their desk. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. Good. Yeah. I got a couple of ideas as you were explaining that that I'm going to give a shot at here. Let's see if we can get that going. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Well, Dave it's always a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you again for calling today. </p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> Very good. Thank you. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Now there's quite a few of you that are on the line as well and if you would like to ask a question all you have to do is hit *1, but there is no requirement or pressure. You don't have to ask a question, but if you don't have a question then we probably will go ahead and wrap up today in just a couple of moments, so hit *1 if you'd like to ask a question. If you have a question you'd like to look at future calls your next Jump Start Coaching Call is coming up on March 29 and that call will also be at 3:00 Eastern or Noon Pacific. So I certainly appreciate each of you coming to the call today. If you'd like to ask a question just go ahead and hit *1, get yourself in the queue. Otherwise, as I do have the flu, I've been trying to mute myself while I was talking to Dave so I didn't cough in your ear or anything, but with that if are no other questions then we'll go ahead and wrap for today's call. If you have anything you need from me please send me a quick email, just reply to any of the messages that you've received from me and those will make their way to my desk.  And again, we'll look forward speaking with you next time on March 29, 3:00 Eastern, Noon Pacific. Thank you very much for participating and I look forward to talking with you soon. </p> </div> Thu, 31 Mar 2016 20:33:22 GMT Dan Kennedy's March 2016 No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter <div class="assets"> <div class="facebook-like"> <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="height: 24px; width: 100%; margin-bottom:1.5em" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> </div> <h3>Resources</h3> <ol> <li> <a class="" href="/community/news-and-updates/download/L2ZpbGVzL2FjY291bnRzL2ltYS9hc3NldHMvZmlsZXMvZGFuLWtlbm5lZHktaW5mby1sZXR0ZXIvRGFuLUtlbm5lZHlzLU1hcmNoLTIwMTYtTm8tQi5TLi1JTkZPLU1hcmtldGluZy1MZXR0ZXItYXMtYS1wZGYtZmlsZS5wZGY%3D" title="Dan-Kennedys-March-2016-No-B.S.-INFO-Marketing-Letter-as-a-pdf-file.pdf">Dan-Kennedys-March-2016-No-B.S.-INFO-Marketing-Letter-as-a-pdf-file.pdf</a> </li> </ol> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>Dan Kennedy's March No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter was jammed packed with resources to help you build your information marketing business.  </p> <p>Here is a quick summary of the topics included:</p> <ul> <li>Danger, terror, high anxiety and high curiousity </li> <li>Prolificity and using every part of the pig more than once</li> <li>How about some fresh fodder for selling coaching?</li> <li>You must decide if and how to deal with criticism and attacks</li> <li>We fast approach a moment when the info-marketing business will be like a broadcast TV network: a bad thing to own unless …</li> </ul> <p>As a member of the Information Marketing Association you are welcome to download the attached PDF file.  This page is active through May 31, 2016.</p> </div> Thu, 31 Mar 2016 20:28:47 GMT Improve Lifetime Customer Value by Building Strong Member Relationships <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62757"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1603-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> Just because you say your customers are &ldquo;members,&rdquo; that doesn&rsquo;t create a member relationship. In fact, throwing around the &ldquo;member&rdquo; word when you are otherwise treating them like customers can make your customer retention worse. This program shows you how to transcend a customer relationship to foster a stronger, longer-lasting member relationship. You&rsquo;ll learn the differences, and how to build systems that&rsquo;ll enable you to create these relationships at scale.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Thu, 31 Mar 2016 20:24:03 GMT January 2016 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62516"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQUphbnVhcnkyMDE2SnVtcFN0YXJ0Lm1wMw%3D%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. This is Robert Skrob. I am so excited to have the opportunity to connect with you today. If you have a question just hit *1. That gets you into the queue to ask your question. And this call is all for you. I am here to answer your questions about your business and help you move everything forward. If you have questions about what's the best direction to pursue, if you have questions about what step is next, if you have questions of you need a vendor or a resource and you don't know where to turn then the Jump Start Coaching Call and right here is exactly what it is all about. </p> <p>These calls range in length, you know, sometimes we're wrapped up in 20 minutes, other times I think last month we went more than an hour, so it just depends on how many questions and who's on the call and what kind of questions you have because I am at your service and it's all about helping you and your business. So hit *1, that gets you in the queue. The hardest part I've found is getting that first question and getting the conversation started. Beyond that, then once we get the first question then it seems to roll pretty easily from there. So just hit *1 on your phone and that will get you in the queue to ask your question. </p> <p>One of the key things that I really see marketers in the software or the service space and the subscription space and in the information marketing space the mistake they make is they focus too much on getting subscribers and they look at for instance Adobe. If you're an Adobe user then you've noticed that Adobe went from a model where you buy their software and then use it and then until you want an upgrade then you'd get an upgrade. Adobe has gone to doing a monthly model where you pay a monthly service fee and you get the software. Well, for users this is kind of the very unwelcome development, and the whole focus for their users now is, how can I get by with as few licenses as possible, because they feel like the company doesn't care about them, that the company just sees them as a monthly payment and that doesn't value who they are and doesn't value the fact that they're a customer of the business. And it's really [soul crushing] to be an Adobe customer right now because they don't feel like they care about you. </p> <p>Now as far as Adobe, their stockholders think this is great because now they have all these &quot;subscribers&quot; who are using their software and paying monthly. And because these customers are paying monthly the valuations of that revenue stream are a lot higher the stock price is going to be more valuable by virtue of that. And so it is sending very mixed signals. And compare that with a company such as Slack. I don't know if you've heard of Slack. Slack is a communications platform for teams and with Slack you really feel like they care about you, like they are deeply interested in your business and that they really want you to succeed. And the difference is with Slack companies are trying to get everybody on it. They want more people using it and frankly the more people who use it the more valuable it is to the company whereas Adobe you're trying to minimize the number of users. And this difference, you know, two entirely similar models, both subscription model, one approaching it as a partnership deeply caring about the customer relationship and putting the customer in charge of how much they buy and when they buy and the levels and putting out support, putting out service versus the other model of you know what? We got the best thing and for a lot of you a lot of what you do we're the only thing that really does the job and we can charge whatever we want and so we will. And so those are kind of these two competing models. </p> <p>As an information marketer I hear all the time where people want to create these done for you models, or utility benefits where if the benefit gets unplugged the customer really misses it, and so that keeps them in the program. Those handcuff benefits, those golden handcuff benefits as I call them are very nice as far as they go, but if you as a company begin to rely on those solely or too much then the client begins to resent the relationship and not want to be a part of it anymore. So it's key that you realize that this business is still a relationship business. You are still focused on building connections and building a relationship, and then on that basis having this monthly exchange of money. So I just wanted to share that a little, share some thoughts around that, and then we'll also get on to our next question. </p> <p>So if you have a question you would like to ask just hit *1 that gets you into the queue, and in the meantime we'll go to Fred in San Francisco. Welcome Fred. Fred are you there? Can't hear you. I don't know, Kevin are you able to unmute Fred so we can hear him or is he still on the line? </p> <p><strong>Kevin:</strong> Yes, just one second. Let me unmute that line for you. Fred, your line is open. Can you hear Fred? </p> <p><strong>Fred: </strong>Can you hear me? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> I can. Thank you sir. Apologize for the problem. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Oh good. I guess it was you and not me. I never know. Hello Robert. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Hello Fred. Great to see you, or great to hear from you. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Yeah. Oh, can I digress a little bit from my question. You were talking about creating a relationship. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Have you ever read the book <em>The Experience Economy</em>?</p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> I have. It's been a while, but yes. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> It's an old book but it's right on spot with that. But anyway, let me get to the question that I had. I'm a CPA and I want to offer to focus on realtors offering tax reduction and tax coaching strategies using the information marketing model. I read your couple of books and I think it's great. I've been doing this for the past year and I'm having trouble getting off the ground. Do you have a recommendation for some vendors like, you know, setting up -- I don't set up web pages and stuff and do we have vendors that you would recommend that know what to do if I call and tell them what I'm doing they can do it without a lot of coaching, or without me giving a lot of education to them? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Certainly. And there are some in the resources online on the website, but if you want why don't you send me a quick email and I'd be happy to. That way I can get you their names and phone numbers and things like that that you can follow up with. But yeah, I'd be happy to connect you with some web people who kind of already know what the typical things are. And then they can work with you to pull it together. Now, do you know how you plan on marketing to the CPAs? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Well, it's actually to realtors. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Oh, to realtors. I'm sorry. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> So your suggestions in your books were quite good. It's been several months since I read it, but realtors associate with a lot of realtor meetings around and I joined a couple of them. I want to focus on realtors in California, so I was going to reach out to maybe advertise into some of their associations. I have a bunch of them on my web addresses already, so that's what I was going to start with and I figured I'd start with like a telephone conference call like we're doing right now maybe for a few minutes, an hour or so, and just give them a heads up on what they can do.  And then maybe lead that into another more extensive program. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Now what are you teaching the realtors? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Tax reduction strategies that apply to businesses and realtors in particular, things they can do to put money in their pocket basically. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So what's the first step? Do you want them to hire you? Do you want them to buy a product? What do you want this to move forward to? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Well, I anticipate them buying a program that goes over a couple of weeks or three weeks, I haven't figured out exactly how much, that goes through the tax strategies that apply to 90% of the realtors, and get that as something they pay for and do that as like a webinar that goes over three or four or five weeks. And then have an ascension program that goes into individual coaching for the some that would like that. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Is it part of what you offer that they could actually hire you to do some of this for them? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Yes. I do, I don't call it coaching, but I do the coaching for people, individuals. And so I want to offer like an information program, a webinar that I could put on periodically and they would pay for that. That would go on three-four weeks. And then if they want to then sign up for more intensive individual coaching in tax preparation it could be other things too, then that would be like the ascension step. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong>  And all that's fine. What I'm thinking is why don't we start with maybe just selling them right into your services? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> You think that's a better approach than kind of leading them up the stairs slowly? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Well, I guess what I'm thinking of is you already have a way of turning realtors with tax problems into money, you know, because you provide these services. And we can think of other things we could offer them, other levels of the pyramid, but for right now why don't we build out the bottom which is the lead generation part and move them straight to the top? Now, it may be more effective later when we come up with some other levels, but at the moment it's simplest. We can kind of play around with the messages that work and we can kind of do some marketing. You're already able to convert that into money. And then as you learn more about it, and maybe even accumulate a list of these real estate professionals then you can launch a product and have a big sale when you have a few hundred or even a thousand or two on some email list. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. That's a good idea. So I've already built out -- I'm already doing the individual coaching, but just for people I've met, I've basically marketed personally. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So what about so the classic kind of lead generation model is having a special report and that maybe outlines the eight critical tax mistakes that cost real estate professionals thousands a year. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Right. So like a white paper that's something you might call it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. And what I would do is have a blog and have that white paper and a quick for instance. So at there is a website that promotes my membership marketing expertise, and on that site there is a free report and then I post blog posts on there three times a week. Once a week it's video and twice a week it's a post. And then I'm able to advertise those posts or promote those posts. Those posts lead back to the website which leads to my free report. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And some number of those free people who get the free report then there's an email follow-up sequence that follows up with them over the course of 30 days and that creates a nice little stream of people who are picking up the phone saying or sending me an email saying hey, I'd like to talk with you about what you do. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And if you are limiting what you are marketing to real estate professionals and putting that free report ad, so you can put an ad for your free report in these journals and you could put promote this blog in those journals, you've now positioned yourself as an expert because you're talking about these things and this is a way of generating an email list. </p> <p>Now it could be as simple as three or six months from now after you've been doing this for a little while, you've got a nice little handful of names and now you do maybe a webinar series. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> A training. And you're not trying to promote the training from scratch, but instead you've got a nice little list of people that you've been communicating with some of which have turned into clients, others of which haven&rsquo;t pulled the trigger yet, but they might be interested in your moving up the ladder. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Okay. Great idea. I think the main thing here is you are suggesting I just go right to the top rather than lead up to it slowly since I already have that. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Right. And there was a section in the book about selling high priced services. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Yes, I remember that. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And that's essentially the model that I'm recommending that you start with where you use these info marketing strategies in order to attract leads. So it begins at page 259 is that section of <em>The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing</em>, Second Edition. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Right. Yeah, I have it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And so kind of re-read that, but that's essentially what I am recommending is use that, generate some leads, and then come back with the teleseminar or webinar series once you've got some leads and probably even once you get the leads you could do little surveys and find out what they want to hear. And also there's the possibility that people don't want to know this information or buy products about it. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Right. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Better we find out now than spend the next six months creating a product and then find out they're not going to buy it. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Yeah. I love your concept of create the market, the demand, to get the customers before you create the product. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And you're providing CPA services all along it's just you're niching yourself to a particular market and that in of itself is a smart marketing strategy and the fact that it can also transition into this other, you know, an info marketing business all the better. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Wonderful. Thank you for your suggestions. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Is that helpful? </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> That's very helpful. I'll send you an email and ask you for some specifics on vendors. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> That sounds great. I'm happy to do that. Appreciate you calling in and certainly look forward to hearing updates. Please let me know how you're doing and send me information. I look forward to hearing from Fred every now and then about how your business is growing. </p> <p><strong>Fred:</strong> Thank you very much. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Thank you sir. And if you have a question just hit *1 on your phone and that will get you into the queue to ask your question. And we'll go until we run out of questions and then wrap up. Your Best Practices in Information Marketing call for the month of February is actually going to be -- actually that's January 12th -- I'll have to look again. I think it's almost definitely going to be February 9th and it is. And if you haven't asked your question yet and would like to, and if you think of a question later then the next Jump Start Coaching call is going to be on February 23rd. And all the calls are at the same time, which is the time this started, either 3:00 Eastern or noon Pacific. So I guess with that, Fred, I thank you so much for joining us today and asking a question. I'll give other folks, I know there's quite a few of you on the line, another opportunity to jump in and ask a question by hitting *1 and we'll get you into the queue. </p> <p>And again, I think that Fred, it's very often we think that if we don't jump in with both feet we haven't gotten in at all. And what I like to do as much as possible is use your current business and grow it, create marketing systems that grow with your business, and then as we see that the marketing systems are working then add in these other layers that help build the information marketing business. </p> <p>So a great, great question. Thank you so much for asking. And again, your next Jump Start Coaching call is on February 23rd. If you have questions or need to send me an email or anything like that in the meantime I certainly look forward to hearing from you. Just reply to any of the messages that you've received from me and those will come to my desk. </p> <p>So thanks a lot and I look forward to talking with you next time on your Jump Start Coaching call. </p> </div> Mon, 29 Feb 2016 22:18:44 GMT Dan Kennedy's February 2016 No B.S. Information Marketing Special Report <div class="assets"> <div class="facebook-like"> <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="height: 24px; width: 100%; margin-bottom:1.5em" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> </div> <h3>Resources</h3> <ol> <li> <a class="" href="/community/news-and-updates/download/L2ZpbGVzL2FjY291bnRzL2ltYS9hc3NldHMvZmlsZXMvZGFuLWtlbm5lZHktaW5mby1sZXR0ZXIvRGFuLUtlbm5lZHlzLUZlYnJ1YXJ5LTIwMTYtTm8tQi5TLi1JbmZvcm1hdGlvbi1NYXJrZXRpbmctU3BlY2lhbC1SZXBvcnQtYXMtYS1QREYtZmlsZS5wZGY%3D" title="Dan-Kennedys-February-2016-No-B.S.-Information-Marketing-Special-Report-as-a-PDF-file.pdf">Dan-Kennedys-February-2016-No-B.S.-Information-Marketing-Special-Report-as-a-PDF-file.pdf</a> </li> </ol> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> Dan Kennedy&#39;s February No B.S. Information Marketing Special Report was jammed packed with resources to help you build your information marketing business.&nbsp;</p> <p> Here is a quick summary of the topics included:</p> <ul> <li> How to seell, fill, captain and sustain mastermind groups</li> <li> Mastermind groups operated as commercial enterprises</li> <li> How to make maximum money with mastermind groups</li> <li> The most lucrative mastermind group model</li> <li> The most vital success factor for a mastermind group</li> </ul> <p> As a member of the Information Marketing Association you are welcome to download the attached PDF file.&nbsp; This page is active through April 30, 2016.</p> </div> Mon, 29 Feb 2016 22:15:28 GMT Growing a List of Raving Fans Who Want to Buy Your Products and Services <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62500"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1602-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> There are many of popular information marketing strategies out there. Facebook, social media, direct mail, joint ventures and all the rest. Beyond the fads, this business is about collecting a list of individuals who are interested in solving a particular problem, then offering them your solution to that problem. This call will be a return to the key fundamentals that make this business work. This program reveals how to design offers your list eagerly wants to buy.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Mon, 29 Feb 2016 22:10:37 GMT December 2015 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62281"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQURlY2VtYmVyMjAxNUp1bXBTdGFydC5tcDM%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. This is Robert Skrob and this is my favorite time of the month where I get to talk with you and help you with any problems or challenges or obstacles or anything like that that you&#39;ve got going on in your business. And this is our last Jump Start Call of the year. Happy New Year, Happy Holidays! I&#39;m so excited about having you on today and helping you really launch into the New Year with clarity and gusto and turn all your dreams into reality, kick of those goals and have a fabulous, fabulous 2016.</p> <p> So let&#39;s get started on 2016. You are welcomed to ask questions. This is what this is all about. And if you&#39;d like to get into the queue just hit -- it&#39;s *1, isn&#39;t it? I forget already. Shane is our operator.</p> <p> <strong>Operator:</strong> That is correct, *1.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Thank you Shane. He&#39;s our operator and what he&#39;ll do is take your name and city and get you in the queue in the order that&#39;s received. I&#39;ve only done probably a hundred of these, so forgetting if it&#39;s one or *1 I guess is pretty normal after you&#39;ve done maybe hundreds of open call in type calls. But anyhow, *1 gets you into the queue. And what this is all about is certainly there&#39;s plenty of you here and I know most of you would prefer just to kind of listen in and participate and that&#39;s perfectly fine. You are welcomed to listen in and participate. But if you&#39;d like me to work with you on your business all you need to do is hit *1. Shane will take your name and city, get you into the queue and I&#39;ll be happy to answer questions.</p> <p> How long we go depends on you and how many questions we have. Sometimes these calls wrap up in 20 or 30 minutes, other times these calls can go well over an hour, but I&#39;m happy to help you in your business and answer any questions that you have and support you. So hit *1 and that will get you in the queue.</p> <p> One thing that&#39;s come up quite a bit lately are clients who create their own limitations. Just to give you a quick example, I had a call actually even earlier today with a client and they&#39;re having challenges with their coaching program because they&#39;re bringing on a number of clients, a number of clients are and there are 1,400 coaching clients, and they bring on clients. And of the 1,400 coaching clients that they have they have about 100 of them that are really poor performers, that they are not getting results. In a way the 1,400 clients are paying about $1,500 a month for coaching and what happens is when they join the coaching program the $1,500 becomes a barrier to their continued growth. They&#39;re a type of business, but by spending $1,500 on a coaching program some of them that now don&#39;t have cash in order to do increased marketing or to hire the people they need in order to systemize their business or any of those types of things. And so the clients are really kind of hamstrung. And so the idea was, you know, is there a way to give them three months without paying, or can we decrease the fee, can we somehow make it easier, somehow change what we&#39;re offering, can we make -- the other thing is they need to come to in-person training, can we somehow help them pay their expenses. And really the obvious choice is to stop selling to customers that do not have money. That&#39;s of course what occurs to me when you got 1,400 clients and 1,300 of them are doing fabulous let&#39;s not bother with the 100 that don&#39;t have money that probably aren&#39;t qualified to begin with to be in the program and move on and go work with someone else.</p> <p> Unfortunately, the way they&#39;re thinking is they&#39;ve got a call center, they&#39;ve got coaches, they&#39;ve got all these things going on and they feel like if they restrict who their call center calls then their call center won&#39;t have enough people to book into the marketing and in their events, their preview seminars, and then now they won&#39;t be able to compensate their telephone people. And then in their previous seminars they&#39;ve got two teams that go and do preview seminars and they&#39;re concerned that if they have fewer people at their events that the previous seminar teams won&#39;t be as effective selling the people who are qualified. So all this kind of goes to they&#39;ve put these constraints on themselves so they&#39;ve boxed their way in to go in, &quot;Wow, we really need to fix this problem of these hundred clients who don&#39;t have money, who aren&#39;t paying and are causing a lot of hassles and aggravation.&quot;</p> <p> And any time you are putting the needs of a handful of clients over the needs of all your other clients you are really hurting yourself. And it is much more fruitful to invest time on how can we better serve the 1,300 clients that are getting great results, that do love us, and are growing versus how do we help string along the people who are under performing. And kind of what we sold with was really a complete reinvention of the business to replace the -- because currently those hundred clients and the flow it&#39;s not a static 100 clients because clients come in and clients go, but that revenue from those clients that they&#39;re generating is about $1.4 million. So they don&#39;t want to go without the $1.4 because that would be a whole lot of money that they are having to forego. And then they&#39;re also looking at, &quot;Oh my goodness, if we could actually collect from those clients then maybe that would be a whole lot more money.</p> <p> But nonetheless, anytime you&#39;re focused on the worst performers you&#39;re costing yourself a lot of money. And instead of worrying about those who don&#39;t get results give them every opportunity and give them a hand up and create a system that helps bring them along but in the end if they don&#39;t come along you&#39;ve got to focus on those that are, and build your business around the folks that are performing and that are growing rather than trying to bring together and kind of bootstrap and pull up the ones who are under performing.</p> <p> Just a real quick kind of key that I&#39;ve seen work well and completely change how somebody approaches their business and grows. So if you have a question and you would like to jump in the queue all you need to do is hit *1 on your phone and that gets you into the queue. And Shane, for some reason it looks like Skype on my computer has crashed and so I can&#39;t see any messages that you have, so as folks jump in to ask questions I&#39;ll stall a little bit to give folks a little opportunity to click in and ask the question. But as folks jump in to ask a question just interrupt me please and let me know so that we can bring them on and I can answer your questions and focus this time on you and what you need versus me just kind of going off on what some of my clients are doing.</p> <p> <strong>Shane:</strong> All right. We actually do have a question from Dave in Charlotte.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> All right Dave, glad to have you on. Welcome.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Thank you. Can you hear me?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> I can.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. Great. Yeah, good to hear from you Robert.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Thank you.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> And I appreciate the web class that we were going through, so I had a couple of follow-up questions on that material actually.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Okay, fabulous, so we&#39;re talking all about membership and membership retention for your program. That sounds great.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay. So if you remember, my people group that I&#39;m going after are salespeople that primarily are selling technology to manage small company IT and the place where I&#39;m really focused is the information security side of that. I&#39;m trying to help these guys build that piece of their business. So I was looking at the materials from the welcome day, and I&#39;ve probably lost as many people as I&#39;ve gained month-by-month over the past year, so I&#39;ve just sort of been flat in my growth even though I add probably six or seven people. And my welcome kit I know is not that great. So my program is like $49.00 a month, so it&#39;s not the $35,000.00 program as the automobile program has, but I&#39;m working on my kit this week and so I&#39;m just kind of trying to outline the pieces that would show up, you know, I guess when you first signed up and would there be some follow on. So if you would kind of walk through maybe in a little bit more detail in that size investment, you know, a welcome letter like what would that be versus the roadmap sheet and what other materials might you -- you don&#39;t want to spend too much you keep saying, but exactly what really should I send them and should I send them some stuff over a period electronically or a hard copy. If you could just sort of outline that for me a little more explicitly it&#39;d be really helpful.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah, no problem. And also part of your workshop feel free to ask via email and we&#39;ve got actually another call tomorrow, so I&#39;m happy to take these calls and things here and/or there.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> One of the stories that I&#39;ve told on the last workshop that for the benefit of everybody else that&#39;s on this program will bring them up to speed is if you walk into a restaurant and you are absolutely starving hungry. You haven&#39;t eaten lunch, you had skipped breakfast and it&#39;s about 3:00 in the afternoon, the place is dead, you can&#39;t find a hostess and you&#39;re like frantic, hungry, headache, your skin is crawling, you&#39;re just starving. And you finally find the hostess who&#39;s doing some table work and she kind of comes over, takes you over to your booth and your server meets you there at the booth and says, &quot;Oh wow, you look pretty hungry. I tell you what, this time of day there&#39;s three things that come out of the kitchen the fastest. They&#39;re number one, number two, and number three. Would you like to order one of those or would you like to see the whole menu?&quot; How does that make you feel?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Well, not good.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Well, you&#39;re still hungry, but when somebody comes in and says, &quot;Wow --&quot;</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Well it&#39;s confusing. It&#39;s overwhelming, right?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> But doesn&#39;t it make you feel taken care of?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Oh, oh, when the person recommends. Yes. The person says here&#39;s what you ought to do. That&#39;s what I want. Yes.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Right. And so likely whether you want one of those three things or you choose off the menu you&#39;re going, &quot;Wow, she really gets it. She gets me. This is somebody who understands what I need and really feels prepared to deliver it,&quot; because in that little exchange not only has she diagnosed your problem but she&#39;s also provided a ready recommendation for how to solve that problem. Human nature when somebody diagnoses a problem we have we automatically assume that that person also has the solution. And whether that solution is correct or not, but this is why there are so many drugs out there, so many false promises about cures that don&#39;t work is we totally suspend skepticism when somebody diagnoses a problem we have and is able to clearly articulate our problem we automatically assume that they know the solution and really logic goes out the window. It&#39;s just programmed into our brains. So that feeling of taken care of that they understand the problem is exactly how we want our new members to feel.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> That, &quot;Wow, somebody really gets me.&quot; And likely when you sold the program you sold them by telling them that they had certain problems that they needed to solve and the way that they could solve those problems is by taking advantage of this poorly recognized, under implemented opportunity within their business.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Yes, in fact I can tell you just quickly what it is that converts it every time. They&#39;re signing up for a class that&#39;s online from me, it&#39;s prerecorded. So they&#39;re going through the class, the class is three months long. And I have a coaching call. I get on the coaching call and I show them what I call the conversion blueprint which I say to them, &quot;Well, how many calls does it take for you to get a meeting?&quot; And it&#39;s usually like a hundred to get two meetings in a month and I&#39;ll say, &quot;Are you happy with that?&quot; and they&#39;ll say, &quot;No.&quot; And then, &quot;When you get into that meeting are you converting them to something that leads to justification, which is a security assessment,&quot; and they&#39;re like, &quot;Well, no, usually we&#39;re showing our corporate presentation and there&#39;s nothing to do after that.&quot; So I&#39;m like, &quot;Okay, well how would you like it if I could show you how to get tons of people into a meeting with a better value proposition, convert into assessment, show them something urgent and move forward?&quot; And they&#39;re like, &quot;Hey, great.&quot; &quot;Okay, that&#39;s what this program&#39;s going to teach you.&quot;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Awesome. So now when you go into the welcome kit piece you want to completely resell them on that story.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert: </strong>Because you cannot assume that because you&#39;ve moved from you selling they are buying and now they&#39;ve given you the credit card, you cannot assume that they have any earthly idea what they just bought or why.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> And you may have even, it&#39;s like, well, yeah, you may need an experience where somebody told you some story about what it was but then you really didn&#39;t know exactly what it was you were buying. You just thought, &quot;Yeah, it sounds good. I don&#39;t quite understand but I&#39;m ready.&quot; Right?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> And then the other piece of all of this is it&#39;s a lot easier to buy a diet program than it is to actually do a diet program. And now that we have flipped them from buying and so where all I got to do is pull out my credit card to actually doing where I&#39;ve got a lot of habits that have been built up about the way I eat, where I eat, what I enjoy, the types of food I fantasize about, the types of places I go to and if you&#39;re going to come in and tell me that I&#39;ve got to change a lot of that then I&#39;m going to be a little grumpy. And same thing with you and your customers, they&#39;ve got habits and things that they&#39;ve built up and they&#39;ve got ideas about how to sell and pieces of books that they&#39;ve read and things that people have taught them and things that they&#39;ve tried that haven&#39;t worked and things that they have tried that have worked and all of that imagination and those stories are all going up through their head and you&#39;ve got to help them clear all that away and focus on one story for three months.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> So in your welcome letter, number one you want to resell them on the program.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. And so that should be probably a fairly easy to read short letter I would think, right?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. I&#39;m thinking of this letter as a page, two at the most. And so it&#39;s just a quick story. It could be positioned like a story. It could be positioned as the greatest problem facing this profession today is X, and now you are holding the solution. Or it could be Joe Smith had this problem. He was frustrated. He had nowhere to turn. This was happening. That was happening. All of it was bad. He was frustrated. He implemented what&#39;s in this program and in 90 days he enjoyed a business that was x-y and z.</p> <p> So number two is you want to illustrate what life is like after. Paint the after story. And I&#39;m doing this by memory so this may be a little out of order or a different terminology that I used on the live cast. But number one is resell them on what they bought. Number two is sell them on the dream. Why they&#39;re doing this. Paint the story of what this is going to be like after they have experienced this.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Number three is I&#39;ll usually give them a quick where to start.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. &nbsp;And this is part of that same letter?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. These are paragraphs.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> And then number four is the lean in paragraph. So it&#39;s, some folks have reported being overwhelmed, have been frustrated and felt like that this is sometimes hard. Anytime you learn a new skill, whether you&#39;re learning how to play tennis, learning how to play golf or swim it&#39;s often very challenging in the beginning. This program was made for you to help you through those times, so if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel like you don&#39;t have enough time or if you feel frustrated because you&#39;re not able to get the results that you want contact me, reach out, post on the message board, however you engage with your folks, so that we can help you get great results through this program. We&#39;re all about helping you.</p> <p> So what we want to do is plant a seed in their head so that when they do feel frustrated and overwhelmed that they come into the program versus run away because for the most part our reaction is to get the heck away from anything that&#39;s causing us pain.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay. Cool.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> And we want to teach them that. I&#39;ve seen some letters where they say, &quot;Everybody experiences frustration,&quot; but I wouldn&#39;t want to say that because not everybody does and we don&#39;t want to set that frame that this is frustrating. The frame we want to set is some people experience frustration, some people have these problems, and we&#39;ve created this program just for you and we&#39;re going to help you overcome any frustration, time constraints, and that kind of thing. You got that, right?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> All right. I&#39;m trying to write copy and remember this at the same time. And then like paragraph five is you made a smart choice. Basically congratulating them on getting started. So that&#39;s a letter, it essentially has five paragraphs or a few more if you want to elaborate on one of those points.</p> <p> The next piece is like when the server came up to you and said this is your problem, which of these three things do you want? So that was a diagnosis and then providing a cure. So what I frame this as is like a quick start. Well, you know what for you because you have a 90-day program, it may be nice to give them a little poster. It could just be 11x17 sort of thing, but that outlines like think of a Candy Land game where it just kind of goes back and forth where it shows them what their journey is going to look like and then what&#39;s at the end of the journey, how it&#39;s going to completely change their life. And the journey is the modules within your program and illustrating to them the transformations that each of those modules are going to deliver. And so it kind of sets the frame of okay, this is 90 days, but at the end of 90 days I get this wonderful, magical thing that I want to have happen in my life and so I can see that I need to start here.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right. Okay. Yep.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Does that make sense?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> It sure does. Yeah. Now, you want them to stay forever, right, so the 90 days kind of gives them they&#39;re going through this class that&#39;s 90 days, so I can outline that. And then I&#39;ve always kind of build the stay with the program as the success stories and the catalyst and staying up with the trends in the information security business which constantly change, so you kind of want to stay in the program long term so that you are up to date and have the success around you so that you can continue to implement these things and grow. So you would I guess paint that picture in this roadmap?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> I guess at the moment I would focus on the first big transformation and then on day two start talking about this being a community of success and a community where we&#39;re always refining and always improving this program.</p> <p> The other thing that I&#39;ve often done is you make the program -- now how are you selling it? Is this course a gift with purchase or how are you positioning it when they buy?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> The way it works is the class that they take is 90 days long, so that is being offered through technology distributors and manufacturers to their resellers, so Checkpoint Software, biggest firewall company in the world buys a block of 90 classes, gives it to their reseller, I&#39;ve never met the guy, he signs up. He&#39;s in it already. It&#39;s prepaid. He&#39;s not paying anything for it because it was given to him. But I get him on the call and I start going through these diagnostic questions with my blueprint trying to identify where his big challenge is. And usually it&#39;s one of two or three things. So then I say well, are you in the Insider&#39;s Circle? And he&#39;ll say no because he doesn&#39;t hardly even know what that is. I explain what it is and I say, &quot;There are some materials that I want to give you as part of that Insider&#39;s Circle and you can sign up for it for free while you&#39;re in this class. As soon as the class is over, 90 days after you started it, it&#39;ll start to bill you $49.95. You are not required to stay in it, but I recommend you because this will help you implement. And in fact, let me give you some page numbers from the book I&#39;m going to send you and the materials I&#39;m going to send you for the program that will help you fix this problem you just pointed out.&quot; And so I show it to him. He goes, &quot;Yeah great, sign me up.&quot;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> So I would position this, so this is how this product helps you make a specific transformation. And then after that the coaching program or the mastermind or your ongoing is about implementation. So this is going to unlock all the secrets you need in order to make this transformation, in order to achieve this, but what we&#39;ve often found is that you have a lot of questions you need some support, you need a group to be able to really get the specifics of how you implement it in your particular situation and that&#39;s why we&#39;ve got this mastermind group in order to provide you the support.</p> <p> <strong>Dave: </strong>Right. So would you put that on this roadmap piece?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> No. That would be something I would do separate because the roadmap is the transformation.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right. I gotcha. Okay. So is this something you&#39;d send out as a separate hard copy piece or just like an email follow up, or how would you communicate this?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> I would be sending it out as hard copy, but if you wanted to do it digitally you could.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> No, hard copy&#39;s good. I&#39;m just trying to picture in case I create this and I send it out when?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> At join.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> When they join. Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> So we&#39;ve got a letter, we&#39;ve got a roadmap that shows them this first transformation. So we do have where to start in our letter. The other thing would be what are the overriding, we&#39;d probably have to make a list, but the theories, what does somebody need to believe in order to be successful implementing this transformation?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. So the big ah-ha here is when we do a specific, like you know what a lunch and learn is, right?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Sure.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. When we do a lunch and learn around security we&#39;ll go out and advertise to business owners that we&#39;re going to teach you the trends and show you where the big challenges are going to hit you next year when you start to transfer your company to cloud technology and mobility and all of this, and so you&#39;re going to want to come to this. So in four weeks we can get 30-50 high-level people, CIOs to come to this meeting, but a salesperson when they make sales calls, trying to set up one-on-one meetings they&#39;re usually calling and saying, &quot;Hey, I want to come by and show you my corporate presentation,&quot; which is boring and about nothing specific. So they can&#39;t get a meeting. So what I&#39;m doing is I&#39;m taking them back to that same principle and I&#39;m saying, &quot;Let&#39;s market something very specific to these people. Let&#39;s bring them a mini-presentation, and I&#39;m going to show you how to do that.&quot; I give them the tools to do it so they can show a company what&#39;s going to happen to their security over the next 12 months if they don&#39;t change what they&#39;re doing right now. And then a way to assess that security to show them that they actually have some major problems they don&#39;t know about which leads to immediate business. Does that make sense?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yep. Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> And that&#39;s what I&#39;m giving them.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> I understood. So in order for me to believe that your system is smart I&#39;ve got to believe that expert status is important, that being positioned as an authority versus a salesperson gives me an incremental advantage in the sales process.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> True. Like an advisor.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Right. I&#39;ve got to believe in multi-step marketing versus single-step marketing because they could just send out this letter that says buy, or paste an ad that says we do security and you&#39;re all messed up and we can fix it, but so the multi-step is you got to send them first to a seminar and then at a seminar you got to close in the back of the room, in the back of the room there&#39;s a certain thing you do, and then that leads to a contract.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> And so they&#39;ve got to believe in multi-step marketing versus single-step marketing. They got to believe in educational marketing that by being an educator versus a salesperson that you are differentiating yourself and you&#39;re providing value and that by providing this value you&#39;re going to attract more customers to you than your competitors and when you get a customer they&#39;re going to have a higher value because they already understand the value of what you are delivering.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> They need to believe in one to many sales instead of one-on-one, and that there are economies of scale and things that get them to do it. They need to believe that they can talk in front of people. They can do this. So not only do they need to believe that it works, but they need to believe that they can work it, that where they are in life they can stand up in front of a room of people and actually make this happen. They need to believe in systems that they&#39;re going to track the results. They need to believe in workshops that workshop marketing, or these preview seminars actually work and that people will come to a meeting in a meeting room when, heck I can&#39;t get them to watch a three-minute You Tube video, how am I going to get them to leave their office, pick up their keys, get into a car, drive to a meeting room, or drive to a hotel, park, go into a meeting room, how am I going to make that happen if I can&#39;t even get them to open my darned email?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Right.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> And this is just the beginning of the things I&#39;ve got to believe before I care about your program.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Good. Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> So I imagine there&#39;s some how to and some theory built into that but I guess what I would do is maybe create a one hour audio that goes through these marketing theories and why these theories unlock the magic -- these systems, these ideas how when worked together they create magical transformations. And help sell them on the foundation that you&#39;ve used to build this system because I don&#39;t really appreciate -- I can go to any one of these things and if I don&#39;t believe that workshops work then boom your whole thing goes out the window. If I don&rsquo;t believe I can get in front of a room the whole thing goes out the window and I stop. If I don&#39;t believe that one to many is important versus one-on-one the whole thing stops. So you&#39;ve got to show them and sell them on the reason why, you&#39;re essentially doing what you&#39;re teaching them to do which is educating them on the value of what they&#39;re delivering, and so you are educating them on all these component pieces of why multi-step marketing is good and who uses multi-step and why and how there&#39;s this whole thing of content marketing out there that is huge right now all focused on providing information to generate a lead, and educational marketing is where it&#39;s at that people don&#39;t want to be sold, but they&#39;re attracted to information that helps them solve their problem. And so if you are in the business of helping people solve their problem then you&#39;re going to attract customers to you instead of you having to go after them. So I would have an hour, or even two, if necessary, audio that gives these background theories about why your system works that helps sell them on the foundation.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. Okay. All right. Good.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> And then the last piece, I guess after they sign up, when they sign up for your program they&#39;re directed and given some sort of code that allows them to get access?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. What I do right now is I send them four CDs that cover some of these things, but it&#39;s probably not as succinct and it&#39;s four different hours, so what you&#39;re talking about here would probably be easier to consume. And then I also send them a copy of my book which I have already given them some page numbers out of which covers some of these ideas when we are on that coaching call. So that&#39;s what I&#39;ve been doing right now.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> I guess take me through the process of you giving somebody some codes, that somebody goes to one of their clients and says, &quot;This is great! You got to see what David&#39;s got and you know what? You get it for free. Here is a link and a code.&quot; Right?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Usually a partner a technology company is working with Check Point, Check Point manager sends them my name and says, &quot;You need to go to this sales training. This is great stuff it&#39;ll really help you ramp your sales up,&quot; and he copies me. My team reaches out and says, &quot;Yeah, great, we&#39;d love to get you signed up for training. Here is a link, sign,&quot; and then we schedule our first coaching call. So they sign up, they get access to customer hub, they get an email that takes them to the first lesson, there&#39;s six main modules and they get kind of an outline of what that looks like and they begin the process. And usually we try to schedule that phone call pretty early on so I can show them here&#39;s what you should be doing, here&#39;s how to take advantage of this, and then I&#39;d bring them to the roadmap and I start working through the conversion process to show them what they&#39;re trying to build and how that&#39;s going to happen, and then I introduce the insider&#39;s circle and they sign up.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> So when they come to customer hub you&#39;re essentially sending them to the first module?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah. I send them a link to the main index. I need to sort of change this because there&#39;s not an intro video, so I&#39;m going to create an intro video later on this week before Christmas, and then they would go to the first module which has a picture of the roadmap that says, you know, &quot;Here&#39;s where I&#39;m taking you. Here&#39;s lesson one.&quot;</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> So exactly where I was getting to was that intro video. And I think that I would use the letter that we outlined, your welcome letter, as a template for that video.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> So reselling them on the story, you know, follow magic tape solution is the sales letter model. I would do in that video a minute or so of, Hey, these are the problems out there and these problems cause this, it causes that, it causes this, it causes that,&quot; and it&#39;s often very hard to get folks to appreciate what you&#39;re able to do. There&#39;s a lot of myopia out there and a lot of people don&#39;t believe that this could happen to them. Well, this is the solution. And when you have the solution this is what&#39;s going to happen in your life. This is going to be easier, you&#39;re going to make more money, you&#39;re going to have more sales, you&#39;re going to have more business, you&#39;re going to find it easier to get clients, clients are going to come to you versus you having to chase them, clients are going to say thank you to you, they&#39;re going to appreciate you more and all these transformations. Number two was the after story, so you try to sell them the after story. The third is where to start. So here you&#39;ve got this program. You&#39;ll find that you have this roadmap to take you all the way through. The lean in story. And then congratulations, you&#39;ve made a very smart choice and I want to commend you for it.</p> <p> Do you want to also do a little paragraph in there or your statement about the club? So one of the other benefits that you have the option of taking advantage of is this club. Two months&#39; free trial, I think that&#39;s how you&#39;re going -- I&#39;m guessing.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> And it&#39;s going to help you implement and helps give you a lot more information. If you&#39;d like to take advantage of that click here to get signed up in your trial.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Oaky. Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> But yeah, so that way, and I think that&#39;s all I would do at the moment is your intro video, a letter, a roadmap of how to get to this transformation and then this audio of what they need to believe.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Okay. And so I&#39;m hearing there that you wouldn&#39;t keep sending my book out for free during this process probably.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> I&#39;d have to see the book, but I guess I don&#39;t have any problems with it, my only reason that I hesitate -- I like it because it positions you as an expert, it gives them an introduction. I don&#39;t like it because it costs, it&#39;s probably expensive, it&#39;s probably $10 or something?</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Well, it costs me $4.00 to buy the book and it costs me $5.00 to send the book. So yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah, that&#39;s my only hesitation is the expense. If you look at this and you&#39;re perfectly happy with sending the book marked up to show them the paragraphs or the pages, I do not believe it takes away at all from what we&#39;ve outlined here and it does contribute authority. My only thought was I set out with this going okay, I need to be conscious of your budget.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Sure. Yeah. Okay. Well, this is very helpful. Yeah. This is great. Very concrete. I can build this now.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Okay. Awesome. Well, I&#39;m glad that you had the opportunity to call in to this call and this is a great exercise that I&#39;m sure a lot of our callers got a lot of value out of, so thank you.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Absolutely. Thank you very much. Enjoy your Christmas by the way.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Oh, you too, thank you and Happy New Year.</p> <p> <strong>Dave:</strong> Thank you.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Our next call is from Kevin in Calgary. If anyone else would like to get on to ask a question feel free to hit *1 and we&#39;ll work you in before we&#39;re over. So Kevin, welcome.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Hi Robert, can you hear me?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> I can. Glad that you&#39;re here. Sorry for the first one going so long, but I hope it was informational for you.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Yeah, it was. I was taking notes throughout the whole thing and definitely there&#39;s some things that I&#39;ll be looking to apply to my own business. But it&#39;s always useful to hear about from other people and what they&#39;re doing. But Robert, I&#39;ll tell you just a quick five minute background about myself. I hope I don&#39;t go over five minutes. Feel free to interrupt me halfway through if I start (inaudible 00:45:54).</p> <p> My journey in information marketing started about three years ago when I went to Dan Kennedy&#39;s Information Marketing Summit over in Nashville. Before I went to that conference I&#39;d also gotten a copy of your book. It was the blue one that you wrote with Dan Kennedy. I forget what it&#39;s called because I gave it away to somebody, but that was really the beginning of what I was trying to do. But what had happened was my background is in hospitality and the industry that I work in is in bars and nightclubs and restaurants.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> And about five years ago I published a book called Nightclub Marketing Systems. And this book was something that I put together just because I was interested -- at the time I was an employee, I was working for a company as a bar manager and I wanted to make the break into consulting. And so I wrote the book basically as a positioning tool because I wanted to be able to show people that I had author credibility and just to get people to take me seriously because I am still quite young. I&#39;m 32 right now and when I started this I was 27. So I felt that the book would be a good credibility building tool especially because if I was going to be selling myself to people most of them would be older than I was and most of them would be more experienced than I was. So I felt that the book would be a good tool to use. Anyways, I went to Nashville to try to figure out how to turn this book into a business and that was why I wanted to learn how to do information marketing. As luck would have it, when I came back from Nashville to Calgary I kind of serendipitously fell into an opportunity to work with a company that does liquor inventory audits for bars and nightclubs and restaurants, and what happened was this franchise called Bev &amp; Co it was actually featured on TV at the time on a show called Bar Rescue.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Right.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> And so I got involved with the franchise and about two years after I&#39;d gotten involved with the franchise the person who owned it in Calgary he fell ill and he basically gave me the entire business.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Wow.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> And so what&#39;s happening now is I&#39;ve applied a lot of Dan Kennedy&#39;s marketing strategies to just grow the business and I&#39;m happy to say that since using all those strategies like we have a newsletter that goes out every single month now called The Nightclub Marketing Letter, I also use the book as a credibility building tool, so anytime I get an inquiry from a customer that&#39;s interested in getting their inventory audited I send them a package that&#39;s a shock and awe package, it&#39;s got a list of all of our testimonials, all of the logos of the bars that we have as clients. It also has a copy of my book and multiple copies of my newsletter. It&#39;s basically just a prime and pump before I even make the follow-up call to say, &quot;Hey, I got your inquiry. Let&#39;s meet for a talk,&quot; and that type of thing, right?</p> <p> So utilizing these strategies it&#39;s been really successful in helping me build from the auditing business because even though my business does not provide any type of support for nightclub people on the marketing end, what it does is it makes me a more positioned expert in their eyes.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> So my closing ratio from my auditing business is huge. I close like one out of two people that I meet with. And most of my meetings with people are very productive, you know, there&#39;s no resistance really, you know? It&#39;s just like how much does it cost and give me the stuff for me to get started, you know, that type of thing, which is wonderful. But I&rsquo;m at the point now where because my auditing business requires labor I&#39;m scaling my business right now through people and I think that every single entrepreneur listening to this who has tried this before by opening multiple locations, hiring more people, getting market structure you kind of get tired of it after a while you know, because you can&#39;t grow the business unless you add more stuff. And after a while, you&#39;re just like, &quot;I&#39;m not making any more money. My gross is going up, but my net is basically the same.&quot; And so that&#39;s kind of where I am right now. I want to get back to the same question I asked before I came back because when I came back from Nashville after seeing Dan Kennedy I was like, &quot;Hey, I&#39;ve got to turn this nightclub marketing system into an information product,&quot; and then it kind of just became the marketing tool that I use to build my auditing business, but now I&#39;m kind of like at the point where okay, the auditing business is solid. I could keep growing it and it will continue to grow, but my growth is quite incremental right now. I would like to be able to get back to turning the knowledge about how to bring people into nightclubs and bars as customers and how do I copy that information and turn it into a coaching program where I could have this type of product disseminated all over North America, all over the world. That&#39;s my biggest goal.</p> <p> I was looking at a program from a fellow named Jeff Walker not too long ago and he has a product called Product Launch Formula and he was talking basically about at the beginning he said that you don&#39;t want to sell what you want to sell. You sell what the people are interested in buying, and so you really have to make sure that before you create any type of information product you got to make sure that they&#39;re interested in being receptive to it. So even though I have 99% of the time people will ask me -- even though most of my marketing is my book which is the Nightclub Marketing Systems, the book, and my newsletter which is called The Nightclub Marketing Letter, I have very few people asking me for marketing advice, any type of marketing product or anything like that. Most people just ask me about auditing because that seems to be the primary question on people&#39;s minds. There&#39;s two basic questions in the nightclub business that every person who owns a bar has asked themselves. The first one is how do I get customers and the second is how do I stop my employees from ripping me off. I got the second question answered very well with my auditing program, but I&#39;m trying now to fill in the first question, which is how do you get more customers. And I know that there is some way to merge all this together but I just don&#39;t know where to start.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. What I would do, there&#39;s two resources. I think it probably would be useful for you to read the blue book again.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> What&#39;s the blue book?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> The book that you had said that you read right before Nashville.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin: &nbsp;</strong>Oh yeah, Information Marketing book. Yeah.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. It&#39;s called <em>The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing</em>, and you&#39;ll want the second edition because that came out in 2011. Both editions are good, but the second edition is by far much, much better.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> On your question around dealing with people and having employees there is a call on the Information Marketing Association website. You could probably just search for it. The headline is Solve Your Hardest Business Problems and Scale Up with Speed and Confidence. You could probably just do, let me I&#39;ll search, I think solve your hardest, you just search for that on the site. My guess is that would be the first thing that would pop up in the search bar on the upper right. Yeah it does. So that call is with a gentleman named Verne Harnish and he has a new book out called <em>Scaling Up</em>. Where you&#39;re hitting up against, what you&#39;re experiencing is as you grow your business there are several kind of change points that what got you there won&#39;t get you beyond that point. I&#39;ve got a good friend and a client his business is at $5 million of revenue and he&#39;s actually gotten up to seven, but $5 million is a big tweak mark and he is now having to put in managers and kind of a level of support staff and build a culture and things that he never had to do before because he was able before essentially to talk to almost every single employee. $5 million, $10 million, $25 million, $50 million and $100 million are big pivot points in a businesses&#39; life cycle where the things that got you to $10 million will not get you to 25 and you&#39;ve got to learn completely different skills in order to move it from 10 to 25. And when you do, it&#39;s like running a completely different business. And so that book <em>Scaling Up</em> is specifically about those things that you need to learn at those pivot points in order so that things like employee problems don&#39;t become a reason why not, but leveraging yourself through people becomes an easy breakthrough for you. Scaling up is the beginning of that secret.</p> <p> I&#39;d love to see your newsletter and see what you&#39;re sending folks and see if I have any suggestions on exactly how to transform and help you make this pivot. But yes, you&#39;ve kind of branded yourself, you show up talking about audits and even though there&#39;s this other stuff around they think of you as the audit guy. And now we need to show up in a completely different way so that they can see you fresh and anew again and go, &quot;Oh, okay, yeah, this is somebody I need to listen to.&quot; And we can certainly talk through what sort of product that could be, but I&#39;d love to see what you&#39;re doing now to get a sense of where we need to go. And then maybe even first designing a little bit of a survey so that when we come out with the new program you&#39;ll be able to go, &quot;Yeah, I heard from my members, and I listened, this is what they&#39;ve asked for and now this is why we&#39;re delivering this program to you.&quot;</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Okay. So could I mail you the newsletter because I send it out printed. I don&#39;t send it out online.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah, that&#39;d be fabulous. Why don&#39;t you pull together a little envelope of three to four things that you would like me to see. I am located in Tallahassee, Florida and if you don&#39;t have my email address just hit reply to any of the emails you&#39;ve received from me and ask me for, say, &quot;Hey, I&#39;d like to send you some newsletters. What&#39;s the best address for you Robert?&quot; And we&#39;ll get it, either Denise or me will get you my address.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Okay.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> But yeah, I&#39;d love to see what you&#39;re doing and then I&#39;ll be happy to give you some thoughts on it and if we need to get on a call we can.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Okay. That sounds good.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Well, Happy New Year. There&#39;s an audio interview with me and Verne Harnish on the IMA site and that will be a great shortcut. And I&#39;ve heard from a lot of members who really enjoyed that call, some of which have went out and bought the book and such, and have really, really enjoyed that system. And then from there checking out <em>The Official Get Rich Guide</em> again and getting that kind of refreshed now that you&#39;re open to this, looking at this again. And that together with me looking at those newsletters will probably be ready to circle back for the next Jump Start call if not before.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Okay. That sounds good. I guess the last question I have Robert is that my business it&#39;s a business to business type of deal and there&#39;s forced continuity in it, so every single client is worth a pretty penny to me. It&#39;s not a volume business, so that being said, the amount of recipients that I send my newsletter to right now is just about a hundred and that&#39;s just in my local area in Calgary. So I know that long-term I&#39;d like to be able to turn this thing into a national/international type of business, but where would be a good place to start, for you just personally, if you were just starting building a list from the very beginning what would be some good ways to meet some people that are already in the -- like, one thing I was thinking about was Jeff Walker was talking about if you continually post content and the content leads to a subscription form where you have a newsletter, my newsletter or something, that&#39;s one place to start. I have around 800 contacts on my LinkedIn page right now and sometimes I get people signing up sometimes I don&#39;t, but would that be a suggestion to start off with or what do you think?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. I&#39;d encourage you to check out, are you familiar with Nick Fosberg?</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Is he the PR guy?</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> No, Google, it&#39;s Nick Fosberg. I think he still does a weekly video and things like that. He has what he calls Bar Owner TV, and he also has a marketing product. So I would check out what he&#39;s doing and how that&#39;s working for him. And yes, kind of the standard way of building a list is to offer content. Is there some sort of secret that you could put into a free report. If you will look at it&#39;s essentially what I&#39;m doing is building a list there and farming for consulting clients. There are a number of blog posts that I&#39;m publishing content. There is an opt in that has a special report so that I can capture their email address and have a follow-up system that helps turn that email address into a client. And then I&#39;ve been meaning to create a video every week and I just haven&#39;t gotten around to it. I&#39;ve been so busy. But yes, a weekly video, blog, a pod cast, an articles content, special reports they can opt in for, are all very common ways of building your list.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Okay. Great.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> Well, I look forward to chatting with you some more and seeing those newsletters. Thanks so much for calling in today.</p> <p> <strong>Kevin:</strong> Absolutely. Thank you so much.</p> <p> <strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Thank you very much Kevin. Thank you very much Dave. I appreciate your participation today. I also want to thank everybody for calling in and hanging out with us. I hope you have a fabulous holiday season and a Happy New Year. Thank you so much and I look forward to talking with you on your next Jump Start Coaching Call.</p> </div> Tue, 02 Feb 2016 01:16:41 GMT How the World's Best Companies Create a "Cult" Following Among Their Customers <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62265"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1601-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>How would you like to create a customer following similar to the Starbucks, UFC, NFL, Carhartt, Harley-Davidson or Red Bull? What do these companies do differently from those that are simple commodities? When you study these brands you&rsquo;ll discover six persistent principals any company can follow to create strong customer engagement and relationship using systems that scale. This program will show you how to create a customer &ldquo;cult&rdquo; for your business.</p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Tue, 02 Feb 2016 01:05:34 GMT An Important Outside Perspective on What You and I Call Information Marketing <div class="audio-player" style="width:260px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-62000"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:260,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="" title="Download Audio"> Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="file"> <a href="/files/accounts/ima/assets/files/best-practices-call-transcripts/IMA-BestPractices-1512-TranscriptBooklet.pdf" title="Download Transcript"> Download Transcript</a> </div> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p>While we often explain to our clients that innovations come from outside the industry you and I often look for our new ideas within the information marketing world. Often, we have to get outside our world, to seek out an expert who understands what we do but brings a different point of view. This program is focused on giving you a completely new point of view on your information marketing business, identify some of the opportunities as well as mistakes you may have be blind to.   </p> <p><a href="">Read More &#187;</a></p> </div> Mon, 04 Jan 2016 22:06:11 GMT October 2015 Jump Start Coaching Call <div class="clear"> <div class="audio-player" style="width:300px;"> <div class="html5-audio-player" id="player-61687"> <div class="configuration {file:'',height:28,width:300,skin:'/flash/player/skins/glow/glow.xml',icons:false,controlbar:'on'}"></div> <p>To view multimedia content please make sure you have Flash and JavaScript enabled in your browser.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div class="file"> <a class="" href="/resources/jump-start-call-archive/download/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmluZm8tbWFya2V0aW5nLm9yZy5zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL2p1bXBzdGFydGNhbGxzL0lNQU9jdG9iZXIyMDE1SnVtcFN0YXJ0Q2FsbC5tcDM%3D" title="Download Audio">Download Audio</a> </div> <div class="html clearfix clear"> <p><strong>Operator:</strong> Your host for today's call Robert Skrob. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Welcome to your Jump Start Coaching Call. This is all about you and your business and answering your questions and helping you move forward. I'm Robert Skrob, President of the Information Marketing Association, and you know what? This is like my favorite day of the month where I get to talk with you and help you with your business. It's something that I look forward to and certainly excited to work with you. So to jump in the game, you are welcomed. There's two ways to play the game. One, you can listen and that's perfectly fine, and I certainly encourage you to hang out and enjoy what we talk about today. Or another way to play is to participate and when you participate I work with you on your business and typically with a number of folks calling in I'm able to talk to folks for quite a while, so I certainly encourage you to jump in, to participate. All you do is hit *1 on your phone and I got to tell you while there's quite a few folks on the line there's often there's just a very few folks that look to participate and that's fine. Not everybody wants to do *1. Some folks are just ready to listen for a little while and I certainly encourage you to do that if that's what you prefer. </p> <p>What we'll do is we'll go as we have calls, so sometimes I'm with these calls 15-20 minutes, other times geez, we've gone certainly an hour lots of times, but 75 minutes, 90, or even longer depending on how many questions and how much activity there is. So I certainly encourage you to hit *1 to jump in the game and ask a question. </p> <p>And I thought it would be helpful for you too is I had the opportunity last week to speak in front of a group and it was a mastermind group, and I'll just keep it confidential for the moment, but nonetheless, they're selling something that their customers really need but they really like to put off. You can think of it like maybe as a weight loss program where everybody needs, or a lot of people need weight loss, there's a lot more people who could use it versus the number of people who are actually buying it, you know, maybe it's a fitness program or something. And so from them, they were really kind of stuck marketing, they felt like they were stuck marketing to people who only knew that they needed their product or service. And so we got to talking about it and certainly in any niche there are people who know they need your product or service. So they know they need your information, they know they need what you have to deliver, that you are providing them with a benefit and when they see that your information is going to help them in their life then they're ready to buy it. All it is is getting yourself in front of the people who know they need you. </p> <p>But there is a much bigger group of people that don't yet know that they need you and it may be because they haven't thought about it or they've come to, like with maybe with if it's fitness they feel like they don't need you, they could do it themselves, but then they never do, or they feel like that they're just not going to exercise, it's not for them, and they just don't need any of that. But for whatever reason, they don't know yet that they need you. And I kind of used the example, I got to tell you cancer is a devastating disease and it really hurts a lot of people and it certainly kills people even and I take it very seriously. I am raising money right now for a charity called Cops for Kids with Cancer, and Cops for Kids with Cancer raises money to give to families -- the cops raise the money for families who have children who are undergoing cancer treatment and they contribute up to $5,000 for treatment and/or living expenses for the kids while they're going through those cancer treatments. So cancer is a devastating disease, but for a lot of cancers such as breast cancer, they've really determined that mammograms are a great way to help catch cancer early when it's treatable, and yet only about 50 percent of the women who are of age that would be recommended for a mammogram are actually getting them done. And for men it's actually much worse because there's colonoscopies to identify colon cancer and yet less than 40 percent of the recommended age for colonoscopies are actually getting those done. </p> <p>So what do the folks that advocate for mammograms or colonoscopies do? Do they go like so many businesses and just go, &quot;Oh well, I guess we'll just sell to the people who know they need us. We'll just market to them.&quot; No. They're about saving people's lives, so they're on a mission and they are going to help folks recognize how important that mammograms are, how important colonoscopies are, and they're not going to take 50 percent for an answer and in fact the only reason why it's 50 percent is they've been promoting it for the last 15 years, 20 years maybe even, and doing a great job to build it up to that. </p> <p>So how do you make people want something that is as unpleasant as a mammogram or colonoscopy, and/or it's the same answer for how do you make somebody want to work out or exercise or any of these other things that we could be offering as a product or service? Well, what the cancer advocates do is talk about the stories and tell stories of the woman who died of breast cancer because they caught it too late. And they show the picture of her widower and her kids and how she's not around but she could have been had they just caught the cancer a little earlier. Or with the colonoscopy about the 55-year-old man who worked his whole life and died of cancer and never got to enjoy all the work he put into his career because he didn't have colonoscopies to look out for that. </p> <p>So they tell very personal stories depicting the outcomes of not embracing the program. And they are not shy about it because they're trying to help people live and help them not die of cancer. And for you in your business if you are really helping people and improving their lives and helping them achieve things that they couldn't achieve by themselves then you can't be shy about telling them stories about what's going to happen if they don't embrace your program. And you can't be shy about illustrating to them the benefit of jumping in because otherwise you're really not able to reach but a small percentage of the people you could reach if you were using these emotional stories to get the word out. </p> <p>So I'm certainly happy to chat with you more specifically maybe about the stories for your business and how you could use those within your own marketing, or talk about anything else that you have going on that you could like my help on. All you need to do is hit *1 on your phone, *1 gets you into the queue so that you can ask your questions. That's all you need to do is just hit *1 and that gets you into the queue. </p> <p>Again, sometimes with these Q&amp;A calls folks are kind of shy and there's this kind of big threshold resistance about being the first person to ask a question before folks want to jump in, and other times generally after the first question gets started then we go for a long time because folks don't want to be the first but they want to get in before the end. So make sure you get in before the end. Go ahead and hit *1, Stephanie will take your name and your city and then we will be able to recognize you and go from there. </p> <p>One thing I wanted to let you know is that your next Jump Start Coaching Call is going to be on November 24th. So if you don't get your question answered this time then I'd be happy to chat with you on the 24th and we can go from there. </p> <p>So in the meantime, we're going to go Bill in North Carolina. Welcome Bill. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> And listen, I've got a question for you. I loved your comment. I think you made a great point about so many people are stuck marketing to people they know that need it, but there's this much bigger group of people that don't know they need it, and so the way to get to them is to tell the story sort of the opposite story, you know, the story of the person who did not take your advice. They did not get a mammogram, they did not exercise, whatever it might be, and they had these tragic outcomes. You know, in business what made me -- I think you make a great point, but I was always thinking, you know, we're always talking about testimonials and stories about people, you know, this guy was struggling and he implemented my program and he got great results and wouldn't you like to have those kind of results too? So we're usually telling these success stories versus, you know, I deal with a lot of insurance agents, so there was an insurance agent who never embraced our concepts and he slowly faded and went out of business. So I wondered if you could just touch on the difference in the success story versus the story of the person who didn't do what you suggested and how we go about sharing that second story. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So in the other example, the client that I was with last week it was the type of thing if they waited too late they would actually end up in jail. And so it was pretty easy to find those stories where people ended up in jail because of what they were talking about. It's IRS stuff. And the way the IRS enforces the law against folks that have independent contractors they could pretty much just put anybody in jail and indiscriminately do. So it was easy enough to get the story of the negative ones because those are reported and public record. Once somebody's been sentenced or really even found guilty, you know, it becomes public record and you can tell that story and there's plenty of it. With something where they are choosing not to do a marketing campaign and are kind of stuck at status quo, usually you end up with those stories from somebody who joins subsequently. So whenever I hear, like I try to find these interviews or get these stories when I'm interacting with the clients, either on coaching calls or at meetings or something, maybe even after speaking where somebody goes up, &quot;You know, I saw you last year and I looked at what you had and I didn't buy.&quot; Well, you know, &quot;Why didn't you buy?&quot; And one, I want to hear those reasons for my own presentation but I also want to hear those reasons because that's going into the story, &quot;I didn't buy because I thought I knew it all,&quot; or, &quot;I thought I could do it myself,&quot; or, &quot;I thought I had what I needed already,&quot; or, &quot;I thought it wouldn't work for me, but then I bought and these are the results.&quot; It's generally those stories especially like when you're kind of selling improvement they usually end up with a happy ending after all, because that's generally where you end up getting them. </p> <p>You don't usually hear from the people who came to your session a year ago and didn't buy. And there's no way to kind of say, &quot;Oh yeah, they're mediocre as they were 12 months ago.&quot; </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> You know one thought I had as you said that was we know there's a certain number of insurance agents that wash out. I think it's about 30 percent of new agents do not make it each year. And so that may also be a way to go after it. You know, &quot;Are you going to be part of that 30 percent that doesn't make it this year?&quot; </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Brilliant. Yeah. The key as you've discovered is to set your mind to telling the story and then you come up with all kinds of different ways to tell it. But if it never occurs to you to even think of doing that then you never really even know. And of course, there was the famous <em>Wall Street Journal</em> letter which told the story of two people, one of which subscribed to the <em>Wall Street Journal</em> and the other didn't. And the guy who did had a great life and the guy who didn't -- I actually wrote a letter like that. It was for the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and I kind of knocked off the <em>Wall Street Journal</em> article. It was about two CPAs and how they graduated together and they came across each other in an airport and one was this that and the other, and then they met the other and he was a whole lot more successful. And one of the things I got back was, &quot;Well, both of them are more successful than I am.&quot; </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Right. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> The one that was more successful had joined the FICPA and had gone to the education and had made contacts and had gotten new careers. But anyhow, so yes, that's essentially what that <em>Wall Street Journal</em> story is all about. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Right. Sort of the bold comparison between somebody who didn't and somebody who did and how different their life was. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Hmm-mm. And you can also I think with yours as well, you have the trusted advisor concept and you have the non-trusted advisor. I could visualize like a slide with a cartoon and the non-trusted advisor is kind of slumped over the phone handling price shoppers, and the trusted advisor it has a full appointment book and folks there to see him or her in order to do business because that's who everybody wants to deal with. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Yeah. Excellent. I had one other question, but it doesn't relate to the story so much. I'll be happy to hold it or ask it now. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Okay. Let's go for it. Sure. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> So I was listening to your CD that came recently and you interviewed a guy, I can't remember his name, Paul maybe. You guys were talking about member sites and that sort of thing. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Oh yeah, yes. Of course. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> So my question was in our business we're more of a traditional continuity program where we create a monthly program with an audio CD and a beautifully done report, we mail it out to our members at the end of each month. It's funny I think because you were talking about, you know, kind of use Facebook as a discussion forum and that's what we're using. We use Facebook as a discussion forum, and it's been a little under-utilized. We don't get as much of a vibrant discussion going as I'd like. But anyway, you've mentioned three different member sites. I think one was called Wish List and one was called Member Gate and then there was one Memberium or something like that, it was a plug-in for Infusion Soft. When I heard your CD my thought was immediately should we create a more elegant member site that would complement our monthly continuity program? And I wondered if you just had any thoughts about that for a continuity business. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yeah. I think I would going forward. And I would also throw another one in there called <em>Get Reservoir</em>. It's a great site, but a terrible domain name. I still don't know how to spell reservoir. And actually the way it came out was I had paid somebody, I think I was the third or fourth person to get the API keys for Infusion Soft, for their Infusion Soft app, and back then if you wanted those keys you had to pay an extra $5,000 in order to get them, so anyway I paid $5,000 back I don't know, many years ago, eight years ago, and then paid another $15,000 or $20,000 to create this membership site. And then two years later we put another $25,000 into creating it and a couple of other people have also -- so anyhow this is a very robust site and I think it works better than most of the other systems. </p> <p>The secret that I have found to getting folks to interact on the site is by building into the products things that they're supposed to go do on the membership forum. So you create like let's say they're supposed to create an advertisement and they're going to put it into the newspaper or run it into some local magazine. Well, one of the steps of that is to post their ad onto the forum in order to -- before they place their ad they post it on the forum in order to get feedback. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Right. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And so now all of a sudden you've got a forum with some number of people going there and posting things. You do that, you build that within your products, so like every module there's homework to do and every module you need to go to this x-y-z forum and post it. And then also you can take a look at what other folks have posted for other samples and ideas that you can use. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Yeah. That's a great idea. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> So people don't spontaneously use it. It has to be built into the product and program and so that's the key. I think that's kind of the most important piece of it. The member sites for me have been kind of a nice add on for a program, like kind of what you're thinking. I have very rarely seen them work as a standalone kind of all by themselves where there's folks are only interacting online. There is certainly a few but it's like has been a successful membership site for many years, and restaurant owners go and they provide content, but I mean there's like 300,000 restaurants, or probably even more, there's probably more like half a million restaurants in the country. So finding a couple of three thousand that want to be on a site is not as challenging. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Got it. Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> But that's what I found that works is building in, and then like each month on a monthly deliverable building in having them come to the membership site. I think initially what I try to start off folks with is having that come back to them and then being able to give recognition within newsletters and on calls. And then as it becomes too much, which happens, like, &quot;Oh my gosh, Robert, you had me have them send me this letter and send me that and now I've got so much I can't even talk about it anymore.&quot; That's usually when I go, &quot;Perfect, this is when we roll out a membership site.&quot; </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Got it. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Because then the $5,000 to create a new membership site, which is about you could probably get by with $2,500, but it's generally there's some investment like that to really get it built out, even if you're doing these plug ins and then you're doing it yourself, it's still $1,000 plus you're going to have to put a whole lot of labor into it. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Right. And when we do use Infusion Soft and we are a, what do you call it? Front Page, what's the name of the software that's -- </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> WordPress?</p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> WordPress, that's what I meant to say, yeah. We're a WordPress and Infusion Soft site. And so I was interested in Memberium because you said it was a plug in for Infusion Soft. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> At least there's a couple of them that do that. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> All right. And so currently we're using Facebook, and in your CD you made an interesting comment that we've experienced that the nice thing about Facebook is when somebody does ask a question it pops right up in my email, you know, that somebody has posted this question and it's easy for me to go in and respond to it and others and that sort of thing. Do you know if any of these others get Reservoir, Member Gate or Wish List or Memberium? Do any of them integrate in with that email feed kind of a thing so members become aware that something's happening? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Yes. I know that Get Reservoir does where members can opt in and out of getting the notifications of emails. And if you want to look at an old one it's probably five years old, maybe six years old now, but the Information Marketing Association membership site is on Get Reservoir. So the graphics look dated on that particular implementation, but you can get a sense of how it works, what the functionality looks like and you can make it look any way you want. But yes, they will have the members and you can sign up for notifications. It used to be with IMA there was kind of a more detailed onboarding process where we would really work with members to get their profiles set up and there's like a lot more articles they can submit and they can allow themselves to be an expert for other people 's calls, those sorts of things. That functionality is all built in into the site and so those types of networking things are in this that I've not seen in other programs. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Got it. Okay. So for us it sounds like we should look at Get Reservoir, and maybe Memberium would be the two best ones to look at. Or would you say look at all four? </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> I would look at, I think there's also one called aMember. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Okay. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And aMember is also a WordPress plug in. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> All right. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> And I have used aMember before. I don't have any aMember site set up at the moment, but sometimes when I'm selling a product and I just want it real quick and I'm not using any forums or really anything any fancy I'll just use an aMember site plug in with WordPress and be done. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Got it. Very good. Hey, thanks for letting me ask about that. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Oh, absolutely. Great to chat with you Bill. And I think we're talking again tomorrow if I recall, or I guess -- </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> I think it may be a week later. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Oh, is it next week? Okay. </p> <p><strong>Bill: </strong>But we're making good progress on all the homework that you've given us, so I can't wait to show you what we got. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> Awesome. Well, and feel free to send it in the meantime if you'd like me to look at it and reply. </p> <p><strong>Bill:</strong> Absolutely. Hey, thanks Robert. </p> <p><strong>Robert:</strong> All right. Great chatting with you. Well, and that does it for today's Jump Start Coaching Call. Thanks a lot Bill for calling in with questions and thank you everybody else for participating and kind of watching. Love having you and look forward to chatting with you on your next call next month. </p> </div> Wed, 02 Dec 2015 13:19:31 GMT